For those of you who were following our hints on Instagram, we’re sure you guessed that our behind the scenes designer was the one and only…

Miss Hayley Paige! We sat and chatted with her about her collections, her inspirations, and what she would be if she wasn’t the design superstar that she is!

Q: This inspiration wall is pretty amazing. What else inspires you when your designing?

Hayley: From a theoretical standpoint, enthusiasm, creative magnetism, and desire to express an aesthetic that would hook, line, and sink the utmost fun, fresh, and feminine of brides are my biggest motivators. From an artistic standpoint however, I keep it simple: love, life, and the freedom to charm.

Q: How would you describe your gowns and the type of bride who would love them?

Hayley: The Hayley Paige collection is an opportunity to embrace the uber sweet and edgy spectrums of femininity. I fully embrace my fetish for sweet texture. I love unexpected pairings of point d’esprit, hand-appliqued lace, and sheer elements of temptation. Unexpected, yet alluring juxtapositions such as soft and strong, twinkle and matte, and modern and organic are my go-to details. I strive to be known for my execution in balancing fanciful with polished.

The Hayley Paige bride is fresh and a little quirky, but cultured with a confident and charming sense of self. She is drawn to feminine silhouettes, with hints of allurement and sweet surprises.  Charisma is key in executing a dress that emits each bride’s gorgeous personality and enthusiasm. One of my favorite reviews thus far mentioned how my “zest” in character garners an engaging stylishness and distinctive sound bite.

Q: If you weren’t a JLM Couture wedding gown designer, what would you be?

Hayley: A reconstructive surgeon. I paired my studies in design at Cornell University with premed. I am particularly attracted to the creative parallels between art and science.

Words to live by:

Love, laughter, and happily ever after.

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