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Hayley Paige Bridal Market BONUS!

We have a special little Saturday treat for you today! We were chatting it up with Hayley Paige and Blush designer Hayley on what she is looking forward to this Market, and some insider tips to making it through this crazy week! Enjoy!

From the Hayley Paige facebook!

What is your favorite thing about Bridal Market? 

The very first unveiling of a new collection during a market appointment or press presentation is absolutely magical. That is the “ta-da” moment in which my veins light up with excitement and I go, “let’s rock”. Aside from that of course, I also LOVE the cupcakes and the camaraderie! Whether it’s a bridal magazine event, a market appointment, or press soiree, there are always tiny sparkle treats to munch on and happy smiling industry people.

What’s your go to Bridal Market Starbucks drink?

Are you ready for this? Grande extra hot skim green tea latte with extra matcha, hold the classic syrup. Everything you’ve heard about the super powers behind matcha is true. It’s speedy charisma in a cup! And even better, the Starbucks on Fashion Avenue allows me to summon the order by a pseudonym: “green magic”.

What is your best Bridal Market destresser?

The gym! And in a time crunch, a spontaneous dance off in the design office  does the trick.

Fall or Spring?

 I love the fact that the bridal industry is not confined by seasonality as much as ready-to-wear. I am attracted to the versatility in offering cover-ups for a number of my gowns, as well as removable layering techniques. With regards to personal style, I am a sunny Californian transplanted in a (more often than not) freezing concrete jungle, so even in the dead of winter I have no shame in wearing neon colors and floral prints under a giant puffer jacket.

Your Bridal Market playlist- go! 

I typically have my Led Zeppelin/Pink Floyd/Queen mix on repeat, but I also frequent Nancy Sinatra’s “These Boots Are Made For Walkin’” and Tom Jones’s “She’s a Lady” to put some fast sass in the room.

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Jim Hjelm Friday, week 3!

We are officially one week out! At this time next week JLM Couture will prepping for one seriously incredible runway show. In true Jim Hjelm Friday fashion, we are providing you with a sneak peek to a dress that we’re sure all will swoon for.Enjoy, and have an incredible weekend!

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Tara Keely Thursday, week 3!

Thursday, we meet again.

We think that you are really just going to adore the Tara Keely collection this season. Here is what Lazaro told Colin Cowie Weddings about the new dresses: “Classic femininity w/a modern twist & bold touches of embroidery”.

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Lazaro Wednesday, week 3!

We’ve been sharing a whole lot of bridal love around here, and today we decided to share a fashionable dose of bridesmaid! Patterns for Noir by Lazaro= one stylish bridesmaid.


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Hayley Paige Tuesday, week 3!

Happy Hayley Paige Tuesday! Even though it’s cool and rainy in New York, the JLM Couture office is bright and cheery with beautiful gowns and gorgeous details. Has this Hayley Paige preview brightened up your afternoon? Just wait until you see it for yourselves!


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Alvina Valenta Monday, week 3!

We can’t believe that Bridal Market is next week! Excitement is in the air, and we think this could be the best one yet!

 This particular Alvina Valenta sneak peek is extra gorgeous. Remember what Jessica said, “the mood meanders a path of beautiful, romantic celebration, complete with champagne bubbles, bursts of florals and fireworks.”

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