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Hayley Paige Hits 100K Instagram Followers!!

Hayley Paige is taking the Instagram world by storm! A tremendous day here at JLM Couture where our very own designer, Hayley Paige has hit 100K followers on Instagram. Her wonderful inspiring Instagram gives us glimpses into her day-to-day life as a bridal gown designer. Lets take a look at some of her most noteworthy Instagram’s to date…

Also, check out her Fall 15 behind the scenes video here!

unnamed (3)


A throwback to her very first Instagram, whats a better first gram than New York City? Funnily her mom was her first follower!

1st 2


Hayley keeps vibes alive and rocking among her models backstage!

models photo border


Starting from sketch, Hayley shows her followers beautiful illustrations of her newest bridal gown collections.

sketch border


A wardrobe full of her luscious gowns..

gowns hanging border


No Instagram is complete without a back photo right? Look at that attention to detail.

Back dress in studio border


She often shares a special moment from the big day of Hayley Paige brides.



Her Instagram will also brighten up your Monday morning..

unicorn border


She shows us where the magic office full of inspiration!

Design studio border


Words cant justify this electric daydream… #thankheavenforseveneleven is the hashtag used on all of her wedding day Instagram’s-the special date they tied the knot!



A close up of one of three wedding dresses she wore for her big day!

Close up dress border


We just cant get enough of her wedding day Instagram’s! Romance at its very finest <3

Wedding dres border


If you are not already following Hayley on Instagram- you must join in on the magic and sparkle of @misshayleypaige. I promise, it will add glimmer to your Instagram feed!



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Fall 2015 Collections

 We were so excited to unveil the Fall 2015 collections this weekend at Bridal Market! We’ve compiled at peek at each, with many more beautiful photos on the way very soon! Be sure to check for more in the coming weeks!

AV 9562 blog

 Alvina Valenta style 9562

BL 1560_2 blog

Blush by Hayley Paige style 1560, Nova.

HP 6553_1 blog

Hayley Paige style 6553, Remmington

JH 8561_1 blog

Jim Hjelm style 8561

LZ 3559 BACK blog

Lazaro style 3559

Jim Hjelm Occasions

Jim Hjelm Occasions style 5550

TK 2550 blog

Tara Keely style 2550

TA 7550 blog

Ti Adora style 7550

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Our Valentine’s Day Love Story Winner!

I put on my cheerleading uniform, tied my white tennis shoes, fluffed my ponytail and slicked on my shiniest lip gloss. I was ready! He was definitely going to be there tonight. I had heard about him from mutual friends for weeks on end. My 16-year old imagination had idealized this upcoming moment and replayed a thousand different scenarios. Maybe it would be love at first sight? Maybe he would ask me out on a date right then and there! The only problem was…I didn’t know what he looked like (and they refused to tell me)!

It was the start of basketball season and we were playing our rival high school at home. I had my dad drop me off early to scope out the other team hoping I would know who he was when I saw him. I watched them practice drills and darted my eyes around the court hoping my heart would alert me. I scanned and scanned. Nothing. No butterflies in my stomach. No heart palpitations. Nothing like I had imagined.

The rest of the girls arrived and we got in line to cheer on our team. I stood there feeling very confused. My friends had promised he would be there and they were smiling and waving at me from the stands. For weeks, they had filled my heart with endless excitement. They had rattled on about his achievements at his school, his sportsmanship and his overall good looks. It was enough to make you daydream right through Algebra II.


“You’ll know it the moment you see him!” “Y’all are meant to be!” “You guys are going to get married!”


The announcer boomed over the speaker and prepared to announce the starting line-up. Rival team up first. He whirred through their names and positions and then began to read the final name, the team captain. The world hit pause as a 17-year-old boy ran out onto the court. His wavy charcoal black hair matched perfectly with his beautiful smile. It was him. He was there! (He had been in the locker room…)

Hayley Paige Valentines day 1


On June 15, 2013, that handsome boy and I were married in Austin, TX… nine and a half years after we first met on that special day. I was no longer standing in front of the teenager I fell in love with at a high school gymnasium, but a wonderful, kind-hearted man. We were high school sweethearts, dated through college, moved to a new city, bought a house and rescued three beautiful dogs. When you write your life out like that, it appears to be an ideal timeline of the natural progression of life and love. Those major occasions are the plotted points on the graph of life. However, in between the big moments, you find the true nitty gritty of any relationship; the real reason why people fall in love and stay in love. It’s in the tiniest of memories, the smallest inside jokes and the quickest of glances across a crowded room. Those are the details that serve as the glue between two people. Dating for nearly a decade isn’t always a cake walk. There are joyous years and hard years, happy months and sad months, weeks spent making memories and weeks spent alone, memorable days and ones that are difficult to look back on. No love story was ever successful because both people did everything right. The success lies in the promise that a future as one is brighter than a lifetime apart. It’s in the glue.

Hayley Paige Valentines day 2

Hayley Paige Valentines day 5


The day I walked down the aisle to the person I have now enjoyed 11 years of life with, I was wearing a Blush by Hayley Paige style from Now and Forever Boutique in Houston, TX. (Thanks, Vo!) It was the third dress I tried on and I decided it was the one before I even stepped out of the dressing room. I chose it because I wanted to be comfortable and look natural on my wedding day. I wanted to dance and twirl and hug and kiss every person there. The dress was meant for me, like it had been designed just for my memories. I didn’t need to scan the room. I didn’t need my friends to tell me all about it. It was there…ready and waiting to be mine.

Stephanie and Colin Wedding390

Hayley Paige Valentines Day 3

Hayley Paige Valentines day 4

Wedding Photographer: Clayton Austin

Makeup: Make-up by Marie-Lynn (Austin, TX)

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  Wedding by Soltren Photography


It was 4th of July weekend of 2013 and my now-husband woke me up Saturday morning & told me to pack for a surprise trip. He wouldn’t tell me where we were going, despite my many guesses.
I had always hinted that I wanted to visit Savannah, GA. and when we pulled into a hotel near River Street, I was so excited! Part of me was thinking/hopeful that this surprise trip was leading to another surprise :) We had the most romantic night & during dinner, drinks, & sight-seeing I secretly kept thinking that he may propose at any moment.

Wedding by Soltren Photography

But eventually the night ended and we went back to the hotel. I figured my guess was wrong & I left it at that, as being just a wonderful vacation.

The next morning, we were walking around Forsyth Park and Matt stopped an older couple & asked them to take our picture in front of the big fountain. I thought nothing of it by this point & was not expecting anything, since I figured the moment had passed the night before. But when he had given the camera to the couple, he had set the whole thing up for them to put the camera on video mode to record his proposal to me. While smiling for the picture, all of a sudden I look over and Matt was down on one knee & asking me to spend the rest of my life with him. I very happily said yes and we then celebrated with family that afternoon. I’m so glad that it happened this way, where I could still be surprised. It was perfect.

Wedding by Soltren Photography

Dress worn: Hayley Paige– Style 6302-Leighton Gown

Purchased from The White Magnolia in Hyde Park, Tampa Fl.

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Hayley Paige Trunk Show

 A Hayley Paige Trunk Show is coming your way, Los Angeles!

Come preview the Spring 2015 collection this weekend at the JLM Couture Flagship Salon in West Hollywood, CA. Appointments to see the collection (and meet head designer Hayley Paige!) can be made by calling 424.249.3909 or by requesting one here.

Hayley Paige Spring 2015

Hayley Paige Spring 2015

Hayley Paige Spring 2015

Hayley Paige Spring 2015

Hayley Paige Spring 2015

Hayley Paige Spring 2015

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Hayley Paige at Bridal Expo Chicago

We are so thrilled to be sharing with you these gorgeous photos from Bridal Expo Chicago, compliments of Just Love Me Photography and Design! Our very own Hayley Paige was in attendance and looking quite darling thanks to Tamara Hair + Make Artistry! Huge thank you to Bridal Expo Chicago and all the beautiful brides-to-be!

Visit our list of Hayley Paige Chicago retailers here.


Hayley Paige and Bridal Expo Chicago

Hayley Paige at Bridal Expo Chicago

Hayley Paige Wedding Dresses and Bridal Gowns

Hayley Paige Wedding Gown Luca

Hayley Paige Wedding Gown_Langston

Hayley Paige

Hayley Paige Wedding Dress_lana

Hayley Paige Bridal Gown_Marlowe

Hayley Paige Wedding Gown_Star

Hayley Paige Wedding Gown Paloma

Hayley Paige Bridal Dress Paloma

Hayley Paige Bridal Dress_Keaton

Hayley Paige

Hayley Paige

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Fall 14′ Bridal Market!

Have you been following along on Instagram (@JLM_Couture) with all of our most recent Fall 2014 Bridal Market updates? If not, here are some of our bridal highlights! Full collections will be up on soon, we promise.


Lazaro style 3454


Hayley Paige style 6451 (Miss Gigi)


Jim Hjelm style 8461


Alvina Valenta style 9452

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JLM Couture Love Story #3

We love stories told by the groom! Here is our 2nd runner up:

How we got engaged…

“Sandy and I were well into our first year of dating when I asked her to go to Baton Rouge to meet my family and last two surviving grandparents for Christmas. I knew it was important for me to have Sandy meet them since I knew in my heart they didn’t have much time left.

We walked into my Aunt and Uncle’s place and saw all the great-grandchildren roaming around. In the corner of my Aunt’s living room sat my two grandparents smiling ear to ear. They always sat in the same spot year after year.

I remember my grandmother Bonnie telling Sandy, “you know Graham is my favorite grandchild right?” Truth was she always told every grandchild that they were the favorite. Pop asked Sandy what she was doing with a knuckle head like me. He grinned five seconds later.

Bonnie died September 17, 2011 and Pop died exactly three months later on November 17. I was so happy that Sandy got to meet them right before they both passed away. They were magical people.

My Uncle Lewis, who is a predominant criminal defense lawyer in Baton Rouge, told me I better put a ring on Sandy’s finger before some doctor does. He saw what I saw in Sandy and it was agreed, I was going to propose to Sandy with Bonnie’s diamond.

My mom and future sister-in-law Tara all got together and designed the perfect engagement ring. I could have never done it without their help.


I planned a trip to Vail with my best friend Kenny and Tara. My good friend growing up, Blake, got a degree form the Cordon Bleu in Austin and has become an amazing Chef. It just so happened that he was a chef at a members-only restaurant called Game Creek atop Vail Mountain. It has been described as cozy European-style chalet.

We took a snow cat to the top and when I got off I was so nervous I could barely breath. Tara ordered four glasses of Vueve Clicquot and Sandy mentioned later how she thought that was somewhat strange because my first drink of choice was rarely champagne.

We sat out to the back patio overlooking all of Vail and I decided I was going to get it over with right then and there. I dropped down on one knee, opened the box and told her I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. She said YES and tackled me.

Here is the clip that Kenny caught with my GoPro.


When we sat at the dinner table to celebrate, a man came up to the table and told us that his five year old daughter had watched the whole thing and kept telling him while it was going on,”DADDY HE’S ENGAGING HER, HE’S ENGAGING HER!”

We proceeded to eat and drink the finest foods you could ever dream about. We even snuck a bottle of Vueve Clicquot for the ride back down the Gondola. It was a night for the ages.

We tied the knot April 6th, 2013 in downtown Houston, Texas at the Holy Rosary Catholic Church with her childhood priest and celebrated at the Magnolia Hotel.

I love and cherish her very much.

Our wedding video highlight is simply amazing. Sculpting with Time is the best of the best in Houston when it comes to wedding videography. “

Sandy looked so beautiful in Hayley Paige style 6205!

919425_10103108420048180_1641491031_o (2)   920081_10103108421649970_1565317255_o (1)



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2nd Annual Love Story Contest!

jim hjelm real bride

We are so excited to announce that we will once again be hosting our February Love Story contest! We had such an amazing response last year from all of our beautiful brides and look forward to receiving a whole new batch of tear jerker love stories.

Here are the rules:

If you are a past (or current!) LazaroHayley PaigeJim HjelmAlvina ValentaBlush or Tara Keely bride who has a sweep you off your feet kind of story behind how you and your loved one met, fell in love, or even got engaged- we want to hear all the lovely details.

We will be accepting stories (and photos, of course!) starting TODAY. Send all of the love and romance you have to [email protected] along with which gown you wore (or will wear!) and the store you purchased it from by February 7th. The top 5 stories (to be picked by the ladies of JLM Couture) will be showcased right here on the Aisle Style blog starting on Monday, February 10th with the winner being put on display on Valentine’s Day.

 The extra special treat?

That lucky Valentine’s Day couple will win a $100 American Express Gift Card.

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Hayley Paige Spring 2014 now LIVE!

The time has finally arrived! The Hayley Paige Spring 2014 collection is now LIVE on! Head on over to see all the gorgeous new campaign images, and don’t forget to pin all your favorites!


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