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“La Flor” a peek into Lazaro’s Spring 16′ Collection

As the Spring 16’ Collection is upon us Lazaro is giving us a few sneak peaks to keep us in suspense while we wait for the launch of his new and most fabulous collection. This season Lazaro is taking a spin on soft pastel pallets mixed with floral prints- a dreamy combination a Spring bride will be sure to fall in love with!! Below the sneak peek shows us the wondrous floral beading on a luscious pastel tulle.

edited2nohashtag (3)


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77 Questions with Hayley Paige

Watch the lovely Hayley Paige answer 77 rapid questions on interesting and funny topics from wedding tips to why she loves Unicorns!The interview consisted of  7 categories with 11 questions in each category as she got married on July 11th.

Check out the magical pictures from the day by clicking on the popular Instagram hashtag #thankheavenforseveneleven. The video even gives us insight to her new Spring 16 collection which will be launched on the runway this weekend!!

Happy watching!!

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Top 10 Bridal Gowns by Alvina Valenta

In this post I spoke with our very own in-house designer Jessica Williams about her brides favorite Alvina Valenta gowns. Alvina bridal gowns are designed by Jessica and hand-crafted here in New York City (believe it or not!).  These breathe-taking gowns are known for their iconic elegance, dreamy romance, chic modernity and luxurious fabrics and details- which you see in the pictures below!  Let’s go find out what the Top 10 Alvina Valenta gowns are and how Jessica describes them!

Let the countdown begin….


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A Mix Made In Heaven?

Matching bridesmaid’s dresses is a timeless tradition but for those who want to put a modern twist on their wedding might want to engage in the one of the latest trends of mix and matching dresses. It’s difficult to find one color and style that everyone will feel fabulous in so why not have your bridesmaids looking extraordinary in an individual figure-flattering silhouette. There has been mixed thoughts on the trend but our JLM Couture brides below prove that this is a trend that works.

A cashmere palette of gowns in various lengths and necklines.

rustic Collection: Alvina Maids


Who said white is only for the bride? From sweetheart to halter to V neck- they have all the necklines!

picture 2 Collection: Jim Hjelm Occasions


Indigo with lace on each gown style.

11903759_10153516390280135_5282808452201832682_n Collection: Jim Hjelm Occasions


Various gown styles in beautiful soft blush tones.

blush tones Collection: Jim Hjelm Occasions


Pretty in Primrose lace.

Posluszny-0455-1024x682 Collection: Noir by Lazaro


A merlot melody of necklines.

facebook Collection: Jim Hjelm Occasions

Add a pop of color to your bridal party!

Bride & Bridesmaids_1 Collection: Alvina Maids

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Hayley Paige Hits 100K Instagram Followers!!

Hayley Paige is taking the Instagram world by storm! A tremendous day here at JLM Couture where our very own designer, Hayley Paige has hit 100K followers on Instagram. Her wonderful inspiring Instagram gives us glimpses into her day-to-day life as a bridal gown designer. Lets take a look at some of her most noteworthy Instagram’s to date…

Also, check out her Fall 15 behind the scenes video here!

unnamed (3)


A throwback to her very first Instagram, whats a better first gram than New York City? Funnily her mom was her first follower!

1st 2


Hayley keeps vibes alive and rocking among her models backstage!

models photo border


Starting from sketch, Hayley shows her followers beautiful illustrations of her newest bridal gown collections.

sketch border


A wardrobe full of her luscious gowns..

gowns hanging border


No Instagram is complete without a back photo right? Look at that attention to detail.

Back dress in studio border


She often shares a special moment from the big day of Hayley Paige brides.



Her Instagram will also brighten up your Monday morning..

unicorn border


She shows us where the magic office full of inspiration!

Design studio border


Words cant justify this electric daydream… #thankheavenforseveneleven is the hashtag used on all of her wedding day Instagram’s-the special date they tied the knot!



A close up of one of three wedding dresses she wore for her big day!

Close up dress border


We just cant get enough of her wedding day Instagram’s! Romance at its very finest <3

Wedding dres border


If you are not already following Hayley on Instagram- you must join in on the magic and sparkle of @misshayleypaige. I promise, it will add glimmer to your Instagram feed!



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Jessica Williams: An inside look at Alvina Valenta

Jess w models (3)

It’s morning in bustling New York City and head designer for Alvina Valenta, Jessica Williams, is walking her daughter and son past the neighbourhood markets’ ombre of side-walk roses, hyacinths and daisies and the lifting aromas of the local baker’s bread to their respective preschool and daycare. She then hops on the subway taking her to Manhattan and the Alvina Valenta design studio.  With Florence and the Machine flowing through her ear buds, she takes her place amongst her fellow Brooklynites, enjoying casual observations of her fellow commuters’ outfits du jour, and relishing her “private” reading time. About twenty-five minutes later, she exits the subway and weaves through the crowds of New Yorkers intent on their exit to the daylight. Emerging from the depths of the subway station and suddenly surrounded by buildings towering to the sky, Jessica picks up her pace, ever energized by the city vitality that sparked her imagination from her first travels there years ago. She stops briefly for her morning coffee and then continues through the Garment District to theJLM Couture design headquarters, where she greets her team and starts playing with all of the gorgeous silks, laces and beaded embroideries that will transform into one of her new bridal gown developments.

Jessica grew up in a small town and enrolled at FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising) where she learned her trade, building on her foundation of sewing given to her by her mother and grandmother. After graduating in 2000, she landed a job at the prestigious St John Knits, in California. There, she was exposed to the glamorous and the luxurious world of special occasion clothing. Being surrounded by lush fabrics and detailed beading, it wasn’t long before it took root. She had found her calling. Following her time at St. John, she went to live in New York City where she came to work for the JLM Group at Alvina Valenta in 2009.

Unlike most large wedding gown makers who have their products made overseas, every gown from Alvina Valenta is constructed in New York City. Having the gowns so close at hand means that Jessica can personally work alongside the highly skilled team of pattern-makers and sample makers every day; draping, changing and evolving the original design until the final look is achieved. It can take up to 20 different artisans and craftsmen to complete one gown. From the pattern drafting to the hand crafted Alençon lace from France, each element is skilfully constructed and assembled.

Jessica believes in putting her passion and personal touch into every design. One of the ways she accomplishes this is by spending hours, hand designing every embroidery piece featured on her gowns. She believes the elements should have dimension and interest in the details. She works with French, Italian and Spanish lace-makers, incorporating traditional and modern designs and combining intricate fabrics, beadwork, crystals and pearls into her gowns. As Jessica looks back over the years, one thing she is very proud of is that you can see her signature on the custom embroidery and beading in her collections, leaving a little piece of her in every Alvina gown. She describes her touch to be vintage-inspired, intricate, romantic and luxurious. Her unique style creates distinction among wedding gowns and evolves with each new season.

Some of the challenges she faces with a new collection include deciding how to simplify both her creativity and the current fashion trends in order to blend effortlessly with the iconic, luxe romance that Alvina Valenta brides seek. For the coming collection, “Royalty of every sort” is a theme Jessica will be exploring. Light, airy, romantic silhouettes will be paired with soft colours and luxe details. They will feature exciting new lace techniques and unique fabric layering, elements fit for both princesses and queens!

Jessica believes in putting her passion and personal touch into every design. One of the ways she accomplishes this is by spending hours, hand designing every embroidery piece featured on her gowns. She believes the elements should have dimension and interest in the details.

See more of Jessica’s stunning creations at Alvina Valenta online.


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Tara Keely and Blush by Hayley Paige Trunk Show

Calling all California brides-to-be! Come preview the Fall 2015 Blush by Hayley Paige and Tara Keely collections this weekend at the JLM Couture Flagship Salon! All gowns retail for under $3,000, and we’ll be giving an additional 10% off to all brides who purchase this weekend! Visit us here to book your appointment.


Blush by Hayley Paige style 1553, Sunny


Tara Keely style 2557

2554_Front2 (1)

Tara Keely style 2554


Blush by Hayley Paige style 1556, Dolce.


Blush by Hayley Paige style 1557, Ember


Tara Keely style 2556


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New Fall 2015 Ad Campaigns!

We’re thrilled to be sharing new images from a few of our brands Fall 2015 ad campaigns! To see more, be sure to visit or pin your favorites from our Pinterest page!

Alvina Valenta

Alvina Valenta style 9553


Tara Keely style 2550


Lazaro style 3561

And there will be so much more where these came from! Be sure to check back with updates from our Hayley Paige, Blush by Hayley Paige, Jim Hjelm, Ti Adora by Alvina Valenta and Occasions photo shoots!


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Fall 2015 Collections

 We were so excited to unveil the Fall 2015 collections this weekend at Bridal Market! We’ve compiled at peek at each, with many more beautiful photos on the way very soon! Be sure to check for more in the coming weeks!

AV 9562 blog

 Alvina Valenta style 9562

BL 1560_2 blog

Blush by Hayley Paige style 1560, Nova.

HP 6553_1 blog

Hayley Paige style 6553, Remmington

JH 8561_1 blog

Jim Hjelm style 8561

LZ 3559 BACK blog

Lazaro style 3559

Jim Hjelm Occasions

Jim Hjelm Occasions style 5550

TK 2550 blog

Tara Keely style 2550

TA 7550 blog

Ti Adora style 7550

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Model Behavior

Want to know about what our beautiful models Lauren, Gabrielle, Alexandra, and Heather had to say about their Tara Keely gowns? Read their interviews below!

Lauren Melzer


JLM Couture: Describe your gown (style 2210):

Lauren: Beautiful! Strapless lace dress with a large train. The bottom part of the gown can be taken off. 

JLM Couture: What was your favorite element of this dress?

Lauren: My favorite element of the dress was the fact that it’s two dresses in one. Very convenient! 

JLM Couture: Give us 3 words that describe a Tara Keely Bride:

Lauren: Happy, beautiful, excited!

Tara Keely_Ball Gowns


Gabrielle Chaisson


JLM Couture: Describe your gown (style 2410):

Gabrielle:  I wore an Ivory strapless ballgown with a sash at my natural waist. 

JLM Couture: What was your favorite element of this dress?

Gabrielle: My favorite element of the dress was the unique textured material the dress was made from. 

JLM Couture: Give us 3 words that describe a Tara Keely Bride: 

Gabrielle: Classic, Elegant, Timeless. 

Tara Keely_Ball Gown_Wedding Dress


Alexandra Chaisson


JLM Couture: Describe your gown (style 2450):

Alexandra: Long sleeve trumpet silhouette with crepe skirt. The beautiful Ivory Venise lace bodice is lined with nude cashmere, allowing the intricate lace pattern to truly shine.

JLM Couture: What was your favorite element of this dress?

Alexandra: My  favorite element of this dress was the plunging neckline. Its soft, yet sexy and the long sleeves lends the perfect touch of sophistication. 

JLM Couture: Give us 3 words that describe a Tara Keely Bride: 

Alexandra: Ethereal, Romantic, Modern. 

Wedding Dress_Lace_Tara Keely

Heather Grimm


JLM Couture: Describe your gown (style 2354).

Heather: I am obsessed with the gown I wore! Oh my lordy it was so comfortable and flattering! It had an elegant high neckline, a delicate and fitted lacy bodice, and a sheer ruffled bottom. The fit was lovely. I had a blast wearing it! Especially once we added in the dainty birdcage veil, my big bulky camera, and a chunky oversized sweater to photograph our 4th model haha! What a sight. 

JLM Couture: What was your favorite element of this dress?

Heather: My favorite element of this dress was the super flattering shape. I was also in love with how comfortable it was. I could have stayed in that dress for hours. It just sat well on the body. 

JLM Couture: Give us 3 words that describe a Tara Keely Bride:

Heather: Timelessly, beautifully unique. 

Bridal_Wedding Dress_Lace

Well, that just about wraps up our coverage from our #TKinNOLA shoot! Another HUGE thank you to all who helped make this possible and be sure to check out the Tara Keely Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest for more exclusive photos from this shoot!


Catherine Guidry (@CatherineGuidry)

Heather Grimm (@HeadyGrimm)

Florals: Poppy and Mint (@PoppyandMint)

Hair: Sara Marie Buteaux (@SaraMarie185)

Make Up: Ashley Sievert (@AshleySievertBeauty)

Accessories: MaeMe Bridal (@MaeMeBridal)

Calligraphy: Cottonwood South (@CottonwoodSouth)


Heather Grimm (@HeadyGrimm)

Alexandra Chaisson (achaisson6)

Gabrielle Chaisson (@gabriellechaisson)

Lauren Melzer (@laurenmelzer)

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