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Q&A With Heather Grimm!

Today we’re chatting with Heather from  Heather Grimm Photography!

Location: New Orleans, La

Find her here on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest! 

Heather Grimm Photography

JLM Couture: When did you get started in photography?

Heather: I bought a basic intro camera from Best Buy at the end of 2012 just for fun! Shortly after, I began taking & posting photos of my little cousins and friends to my Facebook page. A few weeks later, I had strangers emailing me to photograph their families! I still had no idea how to work the camera properly or knew anything about running my own business, but I decided to roll with it! 3 months later, it was my full time job and I was having an absolute blast. So I guess you can say it all unfolded in 2013 :) Was that really only 2 years ago?  

Lace Ball Gown

JLM Couture: What made you want to get in to wedding photography?

Heather: To me, wedding photography is on such another level that I would have to say my ambitious nature drove me there. I always want to see how far I can push myself in all of my endeavors; how far I can go. When I first began entertaining the idea of wedding photography, I reached out to a handful of local photographers to offer myself up as a volunteer second shooter (for no pay, just the experience). Not a single one of them responded to me. I eventually gave up trying to second shoot with someone and found a craigslist bride who was looking for a last minute photographer for her wedding. I jumped on the opportunity and offered my services to her for free. This was terrifying and exciting all in one! I had only been to 2 weddings in the past 5 years; I could hardly remember how they functioned! But I was determined to learn and was fueled by the disappointing lack of photographers willing to give me the time of day. That wedding ended up being a turning point in my career. I gained so much confidence in my skills, as well as knowledge; I felt ready to take on a larger, more traditional wedding by myself. I think having never been a second shooter or having guidance in any way, I was even prouder of everything I had learned, everything I had achieved, by myself. Before I knew it, I had 5 weddings on the books with dozens of requests coming in. I couldn’t believe it! I even had the opportunity to fly to Austin, Texas to photograph one of the most beautiful weddings ever. It was all such a wild learning experience that I ventured into alone. Sometimes you just have to create your own path and make it happen! I will always be proud of that. 

Tara Keely

 JLM Couture: What’s your favorite photo from this shoot and why?

Heather: Oh, that’s so hard! This shoot was definitely one of my favorites. I can’t pick just one! They are all soft, dreamy, dramatic, romantic. I love these particular close up shots of our gorgeous models because they really provoke emotion. I also LOVE the florals and the greenery. The makeup is flawless. The dresses are stunning! SO many reasons I love these shots :)  

Tara Keely

To see more of Heather’s favorites, visit our Pinterest page!

JLM Couture: We’d ask you to describe your vision of a Tara Keely bride, but luckily for us- you are one! Tell us a few things about why you chose your Tara Keely gown. 

Heather: What a great question! I actually found my dress pretty late in my engagement. Having tried on a handful of less-than-exciting-dresses at a few local of boutiques, I was about ready to call it quits! I just couldn’t find anything unique enough to suit my style, my budget, and the overall feeling I wanted my dress to have. After a thorough google search of bridal boutiques in a neighboring city, I found one that had quite a variety of designers on hand. However, I decided to go by myself this time. I wanted to look at these dresses without any outside opinion or persuasion (even the good kind!). I wanted to make this decision for myself. I showed up at the adorable shop and was greeted by a kind woman who walked around with me as I selected multiple dresses to try on. Picking out options was easy because I knew the style I wanted… or so I thought. Right when I thought we couldn’t carry another trumpet style dress, my hand brushed past a poofy tulle and lace dress. I stalled for 1 second too long and the sweet lady suggested I try it on. I wasn’t exactly eager since the style was all wrong, but she convinced me to just give it a shot :) After the fourth dress of twelve was returned to the rack, I slipped on the wild card dress for fun haha. I shuffled out to the floor like a fluffy white cupcake, climbed upon the platform, was zipped and clamped, and when I looked up at the my reflection in the mirror, I started to cry. I couldn’t believe what was happening. Crying when you find your dress was supposed to be a myth right?! Isn’t that just in the movies? Apparently not because this defeated skeptic just stood there crying, bouncing up and down and shrieking! Refusing to take the dress off, I sat in the pretty velvet boutique chair, in my gorgeous soon-to-be wedding gown, and called my mom and best friends. It was perfect. 


This darling photo of Heather on her wedding day (in Tara Keely style 2305) is compliments of non other than Catherine Guidry Photography. 

Huge thank you to Heather  and the rest of our #TKinNOLA team! And don’t worry, there is more from Heather (and Cottonwood South!) to come!


Heather Grimm (@HeadyGrimm)

Catherine Guidry (@CatherineGuidry)

Florals: Poppy and Mint (@PoppyandMint)

Make Up: Ashley Sievert (@AshleySievertBeauty)

Hair: Sara Marie (@SaraMarie185)

Accessories: MaeMe Bridal (@MaeMeBridal)

Models (as pictured above):

Alexandra Chaisson (achaisson6)

Lauren Melzer (@laurenmelzer)

Gabrielle Chaisson (@gabriellechaisson)

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Tara Keely Bridal Styled Shoot

Engaged? Or just a lover of all things bridal? Then you’ll just swoon over what’s to follow…

We’re so excited to share with you these beautiful images from our recent #TKinNOLA photo shoot (images taken by the lovely and incredibly talented Catherine Guidry- @CatherineGuidry and Heather Grimm). And don’t worry, there is plenty more where this came from. We’ll be sharing Q&A’s with the entire #TKinNOLA team this entire week with more exclusive photos to be seen here, and of course on our Instagram (follow as at @Tara_Keely) and Pinterest page.

Tara Keely

Tara Keely

Tara Keely

Tara Keely

Tara _Wedding Dresses_ Bridal Gowns_JLM Couture_Designed by Lazaro

Tara Keely

 These stunning bouquets are compliments of the highly talented Destiny Pinson of Poppy and Mint (@PoppyandMint)!

Tara Keely

 The accessories were absolutely stunning thanks to Mae Me (@maemebridal) Bridal in Metairie, LA!

Tara Keely_ Bridal Gowns_ Wedding Dresses


Bridal Bouquet

Tara Keely

Lace Wedding Dresses

Tara Keely

 The South was the perfect place to hold our first Tara Keely inspiration shoot. These Louisiana sketches (by non other than Heather Grimm for Cottonwood South-@Cottonwoodsouth) were a beautiful added touch.

Boho Weddings_Tara Keely_JLM Couture_Wedding Dresses _Flower Crown

Tara Keely


Bridal Gowns_Wedding Dresses

View More:

Tara Keely Shoot-Tara Keely Shoot-0180

 Ashley Sievert (@AshleySievert) and Sara Marie did such an incredible job with hair and make up. Their interpretation of who a Tara Keely bride is and inspires to be on her wedding day was flawless.

Bridal_Tara Keely_Wedding Dresses

 Featured Tara Keely styles from left to right: 2210, 2450, 2410, and 2354.

Bridal Gowns_Designed by Lazaro_JLM Couture

Tara Keely

 How stunning are these girls? Huge thanks to:

Heather Grimm (@HeadyGrimm)

Gabrielle Chaisson (@GabrielleChaisson)

Alexandra Chaisson (@AChaisson6)

Lauren Melzer (@LaurenMelzer)

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Lazaro and Tara Keely Trunk Show

Lazaro and Tara Keely Trunk Show


Come preview the new Lazaro and Tara Keely collection this weekend at the JLM Couture Boutique! Appointments can be requested here or made by calling 424.249.3909

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Alvina Valenta Trunk Show

“For all of the artists, writers, thinkers, dreamers. For the sirens, sensualists, romanticists, muses: The Alvina Valenta bride carries herself with a distinct air of refined sensuality and a cool, modern femininity. With dramatic and figure-defining silhouettes and necklines, luxurious silks, French laces and intricate, detailed embroideries, Jessica Williams infuses gowns with glamorous glimpses of the past and sultry visions of the future. The resulting creations are modern, fresh gowns that are effortlessly chic, just like the brides who wear them.”

Alvina Valenta

Come meet head designer Jessica Williams this weekend at the JLM Couture Flagship Salon.

Appointments can be requested here.

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Jim Hjelm Spring 2015 Trunk Show

Thrilled to be having our first Spring 2015 trunk show at the JLM Couture Flagship Salon this weekend, starting with Jim Hjelm! Take a peek at some of the new styles designed by Hayley Paige:


style 8502


style 8504


style 8510


style 8512


style 8514


style 8515

Please call 424.249.3909 or visit us online at here to make your appointment!

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Hayley Paige at Bridal Expo Chicago

We are so thrilled to be sharing with you these gorgeous photos from Bridal Expo Chicago, compliments of Just Love Me Photography and Design! Our very own Hayley Paige was in attendance and looking quite darling thanks to Tamara Hair + Make Artistry! Huge thank you to Bridal Expo Chicago and all the beautiful brides-to-be!

Visit our list of Hayley Paige Chicago retailers here.


Hayley Paige and Bridal Expo Chicago

Hayley Paige at Bridal Expo Chicago

Hayley Paige Wedding Dresses and Bridal Gowns

Hayley Paige Wedding Gown Luca

Hayley Paige Wedding Gown_Langston

Hayley Paige

Hayley Paige Wedding Dress_lana

Hayley Paige Bridal Gown_Marlowe

Hayley Paige Wedding Gown_Star

Hayley Paige Wedding Gown Paloma

Hayley Paige Bridal Dress Paloma

Hayley Paige Bridal Dress_Keaton

Hayley Paige

Hayley Paige

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JLM Couture Love Story #2

Our runners-up. Story told by the “glowing” bride to be!

“We met, we liked each other, and then I found out he was moving to Japan in two weeks. A bit of a downer right? Well yes, but we kept in touch while he was gone for about four months and when he moved back to the states we were inseparable. Shortly after his return,we both decided to go back to school. I was striving to finish my first bachelors degree and he for his second. We talked about getting married, but both decided it would be more responsible to do it when we both accomplished our scholastic goals and had our finances in order. Or, so I thought…


We decided to take a vacation together to San Juan, Puerto Rico in August of 2012, while we were both on a break from school. I was planning on a little downtime, some cocktails by the pool, and a little adventure. I certainly got more adventure during that trip than I was expecting! On our third day there, we took a trip to a small island called Vieques, which has the brightest bio luminescent bay in the world. After it gets dark and you disturb the plankton (or something or other) in the water, the water actually glows around you. We stayed the night in Vieques to be able to visit this bay after dark. As we hopped into our two person kayak and began our group tour with 14 other people, I was mesmerized by the sparkling water and my surroundings. Little did I know he was carrying around a ring in his pocket that was attached to a very small buoy. When the gentleman who was leading our group said that we were free to roam around, I was in my element. I had my hands in the water, watching everything glow. I was splashing it all over my legs and watching it sparkle all the way down. It was absolutely amazing. Then, he asked me to turn around in the kayak. After I very reluctantly turned all the way around (everything was so sparkly!) he pulled out the ring on the small flotation device and said he was having the time of his life, and the only thing that would make it better is if I would marry him. My response? Well, shock at first, and then of course yes! This wouldn’t be a love story otherwise! The man that I love proposed to me in the most beautiful place I’ve ever been, surrounded by strangers, and made it seem like we were the only two people who existed in the entire world. He is honestly the man of my dreams and I can not wait to marry him in my fabulous HP dress!


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2nd Annual Love Story Contest!

jim hjelm real bride

We are so excited to announce that we will once again be hosting our February Love Story contest! We had such an amazing response last year from all of our beautiful brides and look forward to receiving a whole new batch of tear jerker love stories.

Here are the rules:

If you are a past (or current!) LazaroHayley PaigeJim HjelmAlvina ValentaBlush or Tara Keely bride who has a sweep you off your feet kind of story behind how you and your loved one met, fell in love, or even got engaged- we want to hear all the lovely details.

We will be accepting stories (and photos, of course!) starting TODAY. Send all of the love and romance you have to [email protected] along with which gown you wore (or will wear!) and the store you purchased it from by February 7th. The top 5 stories (to be picked by the ladies of JLM Couture) will be showcased right here on the Aisle Style blog starting on Monday, February 10th with the winner being put on display on Valentine’s Day.

 The extra special treat?

That lucky Valentine’s Day couple will win a $100 American Express Gift Card.

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Hayley Paige Spring 2014 now LIVE!

The time has finally arrived! The Hayley Paige Spring 2014 collection is now LIVE on! Head on over to see all the gorgeous new campaign images, and don’t forget to pin all your favorites!


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JLM Flagship Salon Sample Sale

JLM Couture Sample Sale

[email protected]

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