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Chicago in Lazaro Bridal

You can imagine our excitement when we received these wedding photos in our inbox from some of our favorite people (those people being Bridal Expo Chicago!) We think Jilliane looks picture perfect in this Lazaro 3063  wedding gown. And we (as usual) love the all black bridesmaids in Lazaro 3089!

Venue: Renaissance Blackstone, Chicago

Purchased Gown and Bridesmaids dresses at:
Bella Bianca Bridal Couture in Oakbrook Terrace

Photographer: Braxton Black

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JLM Couture Designer Day Preview!

Happy Friday! We come with some fun news: We have our count down’s weekly line up all ready for you! Here is what the next 4 weeks will look like!

Monday: Alvina Valenta Bridal & Bridesmaids

Tuesday: Hayley Paige & Blush

Wednesday: Lazaro & Noir by Lazaro

Thursday: Tara Keely

Friday: Jim Hjelm & Occasions

On each of the assigned days we will be bringing you behind the scenes with that collection. By the time October rolls are we will all be itching to see the gowns up close and personal!


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2012 Year In Review

As a part of our count down to our Spring 2013 Bridal Market, we are taking a look back at 2012 and all the gorgeousness that happened. Grab your iced latte, sit back, relax and enjoy!

 Alvina Valenta style 9258     Fall Collection     Alvina Valenta style 9261

Alvina Valenta style 9200      Spring Collection     Alvina Valenta style 9204

Blush style 1258     Fall Collection     Blush style 1255

Blush style 1211     Spring Collection     Blush style 1201

Hayley Paige style 6254     Fall Collection     Hayley Paige style 6262

Hayley Paige style 6205     Spring Collection     Hayley Paige style 6203

Jim Hjelm style 8252     Fall Collection     Jim Hjelm style 8262

Jim Hjelm style 8218     Spring Collection     Jim Hjelm style 8214

Lazaro style 3269    Fall Collection     Lazaro style 3259

Lazaro style 3209    Spring Collection   Lazaro style 3200

Tara Keely style 2250    Fall Collection    Tara Keely 2255

Tara Keely style 2210    Spring Collection    Tara Keely 2205


And now for our darling Bridesmaids

Jim Hjelm Occasions style 5258    Fall    Jim Hjelm Occasions style 5269

Jim Hjelm Occasions style 5225    Spring    Jim Hjelm Occasions style 5232

Alvina Bridesmaids style 9269   Fall   Alvina Bridesmaids style 9270

Alvina Bridesmaids style 9244   Spring   Alvina Bridesmaids style 9221

Noir Bridesmaids style 3278   Fall   Noir Bridesmaids style 3288

 Noir Bridesmaids style 3235   Spring   Noir Bridesmaids style 3227

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Count Down to Bridal Market!

We are SO thrilled for the upcoming October Bridal Market that we are just bursting with excitement! Today marks JLM Couture’s one month count down, and here to share with you her excitement is Hayley Paige!

We will be updating this blog daily (hooray!) with sneak peeks and inspirations from all of our wonderful designers. Be sure to also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest for all the latest and greatest!

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Calling all JLM Couture Bridesmaids!

Were you recently in a JLM Couture bridesmaid dress? Whether you were sporting Jim Hjelm Occasions, Alvina Valenta Bridesmaids, or Noir by Lazaro, we want you to share your photos with us! There is nothing we love more than showing off our happy brides and her favorite ladies on JLM Couture Real Weddings!

Real Bride Melissa wore Jim Hjelm bridal gown style 8002 

Melissa’s bridesmaids wore Jim Hjelm Occasions bridesmaids dresses style 5079 , all in Shimmer luminescent chiffon.

Real Bride Amy wore Lazaro bridal gown style 3051 

Amy’s bridesmaids wore Alvina Valenta bridesmaids dresses style 9947 , in Silver Tissue Taffeta.

Real Bride Frances wore Jim Hjelm bridal gown style 8156 

Frances’s bridesmaids wore Jim Hjelm Occasions bridesmaids dresses style 5154 in Raspberry silky taffeta.

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Behind the Scenes with Jessica Williams

We are so excited to share this interview today! Jessica Williams, head designer of Alvina Valenta gave an inside look to not only her office, but her inspirations and design details. She really is something!

Q: How would you describe your design style?  

Jessica: My design style for Alvina Valenta honors the classicist bride with modern sensibilities, and seeks to infuse gowns with either ethereal and romantic qualities or more recently, touches of architectural edge. In both, I seek to impart varying degrees of modern elements to the mix, whether in the beading and embroidery, interesting lace placements or silhouette, so the bride feels both of the moment and elegantly timeless. I value high quality fabrics, laces and embroideries, and I love that I can offer such amazing workmanship to my brides. I love creating intricate details in my gowns’ beadings and embroideries that can be explored layer after layer, and much like women, there is often more to discover than what is perceived at first glance.

Q:  Where do you turn for inspiration?

Jessica: I find inspiration everywhere- such as in beauty found in unexpected places, in music to set a mood, and in art and fashion illustrations that tell a story. There is beauty everywhere, so inspiration abounds! I admire how French women create timeless yet modern looks that are personalized, seemingly effortless, and oh so chic, which is certainly inspirational in creating for the Alvina bride. I believe a bride should wear a gown that amplifies her inner and outer beauty and expresses her personality and her personal style, so I also think about the brides I meet and about how to create something fresh and modern yet still timeless that they would love. Lately, I find myself thinking of the full spectrum of femininity, and beyond the idea of a fixed girlish beauty. I find intriguing how differing and multi-faceted aspects combine to create a woman’s individual allure- as she grows, she comes into her unique power more and more and learns to own it. Musing about the distinctive stories of brides in this way, combined with the practical questions of season, venue, ceremony and reception possibilities, also contribute to a gown’s inspiration.

Q: If you could dress anyone (dead or alive) who would it be and why?

Jessica: I would love to dress Mia Wasikowska; she seems lovely, grounded, thoughtful and unique, and possessing a true grace and presence.

Q: If you weren’t a JLM Couture wedding gown designer, what would you be?

Jessica: Before I studied fashion design, I earned a Bachelor’s degree studying political theory and Japanese language, including a semester abroad in Japan. Had I continued down a certain path from that time of my life, I might have sought entry to the foreign service and a life in diplomacy. However, if I were to choose another venture now, I would prefer not to stray too far from the creative- if not designing, than perhaps creating a ready-to-wear accessory and lifestyle retail store and having fun curating pieces and looks from around the world and from other designers (and maybe throwing a few of my own in, as well!)

Q: Words to live by:

Jessica: I think Yves Saint Laurent said it best:  “Fashion fades, style is eternal.”

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Designer Day with Francesca Pitera

Designer of Jim Hjelm and Jim Hjelm Occasions, Francesca Pitera will be at the JLM Couture Boutique tomorrow, August 15th! She will be there along with all of her beautiful Fall 2012 collections (have you laid eyes on this magical piece yet?) You’ll even get a peek at her one of a kind flagship exclusive styles, along with the opportunity to design a custom wedding gown with Francesca herself! You don’t want to miss it!

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Alvina Valenta, Bridesmaids in Black!

We are back as promised with even more amazing pairings from Alvina Valenta. This time around we decided to pair up each bride with amazing black bridesmaid dresses (which you can actually wear again!) Black bridesmaid dresses are so incredibly popular right now, and these dresses are no exception!

Alvina Valenta Bridal #9216, Alvina Valenta Bridesmaid #9246

Alvina Valenta Bridal #9256, Alvina Valenta Bridesmaid #9281

Alvina Valenta Bridal #9252, Alvina Valenta Bridesmaid #9282



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Alvina Valenta Bridal and Bridesmaids

To all our darling brides out there, we know how overwhelming (but so incredibly exciting) dress shopping can be. You often throw in the opinions of your mother, future mother-in-law, sister, and bridesmaids, and before you know it you’re on your way to happy hour for a cocktail. We’re going to try and help you cut down on many future headaches.

You will find below looks for you and your maids all compliments of our very own Alvina Valenta. We paired together dresses that are similar in design and feel, and will be sure to create one gorgeous and cohesive look across the board.

Alvina Valenta Bridal #9257,  Alvina Valenta Bridesmaid #9244

Alvina Valenta Bridal #9261, Alvina Valenta Bridesmaid #9270

Alvina Valenta Bridal #9258, Alvina Valenta Bridesmaid #9278

Be sure to check back next week for even more beautiful pairings!

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Pre Wedding Attire

Is the men’s button down the new robe? You tell us!

Every seasoned bridal party member know’s that you need to slip into something simple before getting your hair and make up done. Here at JLM, we love them both! But we want to hear your thoughts- which style do you prefer?

Button down photo via wedding bee


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