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BRIDES, Randy Fenoli, & JLM Couture

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

We are so excited to announce that we will be hosting an incredible event with BRIDES Magazine along with our very special host, Randy Fenoli, Bridal Expert and Star of TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress, Randy to the Rescue, & author of It’s All About The Dress– next Friday night, October 26th at the JLM Couture Boutique! Mix and mingle with industry professionals over chilled champagne and delicous hors d’oeuvres.

Please note that space is limited! Please RSVP by Ocotber 25th to [email protected]

And for those of you lovely brides-to-be who are still on the hunt for your perfect dress- we have some serisouly amazing news. We will be taking appointments for Saturday, October 27th (through our JLM Couture Boutique website here!) where Randy will be BACK to help you find your dream JLM Couture gown! What’s more exciting then that?

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We Interrupt Your Hayley Paige Tuesday!

So yes, we are a little late today. But we have good reason! We are working hard to put together a really incredible Bridal Market experience! That said, we are interrupting your regularly scheduled Hayley Paige Tuesday (but did you see her here on Saturday?) for this sneak peek we placed on Instagram earlier today (@JLM_Couture). We can’t wait to show you what we’re up to!

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Hayley Paige Bridal Market BONUS!

We have a special little Saturday treat for you today! We were chatting it up with Hayley Paige and Blush designer Hayley on what she is looking forward to this Market, and some insider tips to making it through this crazy week! Enjoy!

From the Hayley Paige facebook!

What is your favorite thing about Bridal Market? 

The very first unveiling of a new collection during a market appointment or press presentation is absolutely magical. That is the “ta-da” moment in which my veins light up with excitement and I go, “let’s rock”. Aside from that of course, I also LOVE the cupcakes and the camaraderie! Whether it’s a bridal magazine event, a market appointment, or press soiree, there are always tiny sparkle treats to munch on and happy smiling industry people.

What’s your go to Bridal Market Starbucks drink?

Are you ready for this? Grande extra hot skim green tea latte with extra matcha, hold the classic syrup. Everything you’ve heard about the super powers behind matcha is true. It’s speedy charisma in a cup! And even better, the Starbucks on Fashion Avenue allows me to summon the order by a pseudonym: “green magic”.

What is your best Bridal Market destresser?

The gym! And in a time crunch, a spontaneous dance off in the design office  does the trick.

Fall or Spring?

 I love the fact that the bridal industry is not confined by seasonality as much as ready-to-wear. I am attracted to the versatility in offering cover-ups for a number of my gowns, as well as removable layering techniques. With regards to personal style, I am a sunny Californian transplanted in a (more often than not) freezing concrete jungle, so even in the dead of winter I have no shame in wearing neon colors and floral prints under a giant puffer jacket.

Your Bridal Market playlist- go! 

I typically have my Led Zeppelin/Pink Floyd/Queen mix on repeat, but I also frequent Nancy Sinatra’s “These Boots Are Made For Walkin’” and Tom Jones’s “She’s a Lady” to put some fast sass in the room.

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Hayley Paige Tuesday, week 3!

Happy Hayley Paige Tuesday! Even though it’s cool and rainy in New York, the JLM Couture office is bright and cheery with beautiful gowns and gorgeous details. Has this Hayley Paige preview brightened up your afternoon? Just wait until you see it for yourselves!


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Hayley Paige Tuesday

We know that Tuesday always seems to fall into that “just another day” category, but not today! (or for the next few weeks, for that matter!) We’ve got the inside scoop on the upcoming Hayley Paige Collection!

“This season is about elegant charm; harmonizing between the lively and the fanciful. I envision a collection full of flawless silhouettes, with a punch of sass.”

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JLM Couture Designer Day Preview!

Happy Friday! We come with some fun news: We have our count down’s weekly line up all ready for you! Here is what the next 4 weeks will look like!

Monday: Alvina Valenta Bridal & Bridesmaids

Tuesday: Hayley Paige & Blush

Wednesday: Lazaro & Noir by Lazaro

Thursday: Tara Keely

Friday: Jim Hjelm & Occasions

On each of the assigned days we will be bringing you behind the scenes with that collection. By the time October rolls are we will all be itching to see the gowns up close and personal!


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2012 Year In Review

As a part of our count down to our Spring 2013 Bridal Market, we are taking a look back at 2012 and all the gorgeousness that happened. Grab your iced latte, sit back, relax and enjoy!

 Alvina Valenta style 9258     Fall Collection     Alvina Valenta style 9261

Alvina Valenta style 9200      Spring Collection     Alvina Valenta style 9204

Blush style 1258     Fall Collection     Blush style 1255

Blush style 1211     Spring Collection     Blush style 1201

Hayley Paige style 6254     Fall Collection     Hayley Paige style 6262

Hayley Paige style 6205     Spring Collection     Hayley Paige style 6203

Jim Hjelm style 8252     Fall Collection     Jim Hjelm style 8262

Jim Hjelm style 8218     Spring Collection     Jim Hjelm style 8214

Lazaro style 3269    Fall Collection     Lazaro style 3259

Lazaro style 3209    Spring Collection   Lazaro style 3200

Tara Keely style 2250    Fall Collection    Tara Keely 2255

Tara Keely style 2210    Spring Collection    Tara Keely 2205


And now for our darling Bridesmaids

Jim Hjelm Occasions style 5258    Fall    Jim Hjelm Occasions style 5269

Jim Hjelm Occasions style 5225    Spring    Jim Hjelm Occasions style 5232

Alvina Bridesmaids style 9269   Fall   Alvina Bridesmaids style 9270

Alvina Bridesmaids style 9244   Spring   Alvina Bridesmaids style 9221

Noir Bridesmaids style 3278   Fall   Noir Bridesmaids style 3288

 Noir Bridesmaids style 3235   Spring   Noir Bridesmaids style 3227

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Count Down to Bridal Market!

We are SO thrilled for the upcoming October Bridal Market that we are just bursting with excitement! Today marks JLM Couture’s one month count down, and here to share with you her excitement is Hayley Paige!

We will be updating this blog daily (hooray!) with sneak peeks and inspirations from all of our wonderful designers. Be sure to also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest for all the latest and greatest!

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Hyde Park Bridal Grand Opening

We are so excited to announce the Grand Opening of a new Boutique in Cincinnati, OH! Hyde Park Bridal will be opening this Saturday, September 8th and will be having an Open House from 12:00-4:00. Brides will be able to come in and browse their selection and schedule appointments for future previews and fittings. Need further incentive? Champagne and cupcakes will be served!

Hyde Park Bridal will be carrying gowns from Hayley Paige, Blush, Tara Keely, Alvina Valenta (bridal & maids) and Occasions collections.

When we asked Boutique Owner Amanda which gown she was most excited to receive, she had a fabulous answer: “At Hyde Park Bridal we are most excited about receiving Hayley Paige’s Babs gown! The sheer corset back and shimmer ombre petals are just to die for! We know our brides are going to absolutely love this fun and sexy Haley Paige beauty!”

Store Hours:

Monday: Closed

Tuesday: 12:00-6:00

Wednesday: 12:00-8:00

Thursday: 12:00-8:00

Friday: 12:00-6:00

Saturday: 10:00-6:00

Sunday: 12:00-4:00

Address: 3319 Erie Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45208

Follow them on Facebook and Twitter:



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Hayley Paige & Blush Trunk Show

Miss Hayley Paige herself pictured above at the JLM Couture Boutique. And that gorgeous necklace you ask? Compliments of the one and only Haute Bride!

The JLM Couture Boutique is so excited  to have Hayley Paige there this weekend, September 7th-9th for a Hayley Paige & Blush trunk show!

 She will be presenting her new fall 2012 gowns right off the runway. Each wedding gown embraces sweet femininity with a touch of modern glamour. Hayley will be at the boutique to help style and offer custom change’s to make each gown unique for her bride’s. Being JLM’s newest edition to the company, we are so excited to introduce her youthful fashion forward approach to each of her designs!

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