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Daniel and Courtney

Garfield, NJ, United States
We loved every second of the wedding planning! We all fell in love with the Venetian in Garfield, NJ so we knew we wanted a black tie wedding with lots of flowers and crystals! Dress shopping was my favorite part of the planning process, and I could not have found a more perfect dress for our winter wedding!
The wedding weekend was absolutely perfect!From the weather too food, we can truly say we wouldn’t have changed one thing about our wedding. We are so thankful to our parents, friends, and amazing vendors for making our dreams come true!

Courtney wore Lazaro bridal gown style 3051, Purchased from Jaehee Bridal, in Englewood, NJ

Video: Daniel and Courtney’s Wedding trailer , By Abella Studios

Monika Broz  http://www.monikabroz.com/
The Venetian  http://www.venetiannj.com/
Flower Elegance -Anna  http://flowerelegance.com/

David and Johanna

Albany, NY, United States
We were married in a classic winter/Christmas time wedding in upstate New York. We included evergreen and gold touches, lots of candlelight, and holiday music throughout the night

Johanna wore an Alvina Valenta bridal gown, Purchased from Angela’s Bridal Albany, NY.

Luke Walker  http://www.clarkwalkerstudio.com/

Michael and Carissa

Chehalis, WA, United States
Michael and I were high school sweethearts. After we graduated he went on to join the military to become a firefighter but we were determined to stay together and make our relationship a priority. He was stationed in Alaska when he proposed to me on top of a mountain at sunset, I was so excited! I went home to plan our wedding and we finally got married after being long distance for a year and a half.

Carissa wore Tara Keely bridal gown style 2056 , purchased from Ania Bridal , in Portland, OR

Victor Zerga  http://www.victorzerga.com/
Ron Espina  http://ronespina.com/
Red Barn Studios  http://redbarnstudios.net/

Barrett and Annelise

Littleton, CO, United States
Barrett and I attended the same college in Colorado. We had many mutual friends and had known each other on a basic level for three years, after years of friendship a romance started to blossom and we quickly fell in love. There was no doubt in either mind that we wanted to get married, and when Barrett proposed to me it was the second happiest day of my life, with our wedding topping the list. After a year of planning, we had a completely magical day, with all the amazing vendors, as well as friends and family surrounding us.

Annelise wore Alvina Valenta bridal gown style 9051 , Purchased from Anna Be Denver, CO.

Two One Photography  http://www.twoonephotography.com/index2.php#/home/
Sweet Pea Flowers  http://sweetpea-flowers.com/
The Manor House  http://www.themanorhouse.com/index2.php

Ryan and Tanya

Vancouver, Canada
It was the first dress I saw in Isabelle’s Bridal and I knew immediately it would be perfect for our garden wedding. The ruffles were delicate and whimsical, and made me feel like a princess.
We were married in the Fall in Vancouver and planned our honeymoon in Italy. We wanted to make our honeymoon extra special with a photoshoot around the eternal city. In our wedding attire we visited the Vatican City, Castel Sant’Angelo, Spanish Steps, and Colosseum for an intimate photoshoot. It was definitely an once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Tanya wore Jim Hjelm bridal gown style 8012 , with her added touches. Purchased from Isabelle’s Bridal , in North Vancouver, BC

Rochelle Cheever  http://rochellecheever.com/

Nick and Chelsea

Stafford, VA, United States
We got married at Potomac Point Winery & Vineyard. The venue was absolutely perfect, leaving us with endless possibilities for fabulous photos. Our florist & photographer did an amazing job to help truly capture the day we had imagined. I initially fell in love with my Alvina Valenta gown in a bridal magazine and searched every bridal boutique until I found it!

Chelsea wore Alvina Valenta bridal gown style 9060 , with her added touches. Purchased from Katherine’s Bridal Boutique Alexandria, Virginia.

Genevieve Leiper  http://genevieveleiper.com/site.html
Potomac Point Winery  http://www.potomacpointwinery.com/
Holly Heider Chapple Flowers  http://www.hollychappleflowers.com/index2.php#/home/

Erik and Erin

Palm Beach, FL, United States
Erik and I met in June of 2010 and were engaged on October 16, 2010. Erik and I choose The Breakers Palm Beach because I was from Florida, and as we toured the venue we both knew it was the perfect atmosphere to say our vows. On April 23, 2011, our wedding exceeded any fairytale version I’d ever dreamed about . We danced the night away in the Mediterranean ballroom with rose petals dripping from the ceiling, and a towering cake! My Lazaro gown looked like it was made of feathers and was a perfect fit for the enchanted reception!

Erin wore Lazaro bridal gown style 3051, Purchased from Kleinfeld Bridal, in New York, New York

Lara Rios  http://www.lararios.com/
The Breakers, Palm Beach, FL  http://www.thebreakers.com/
Zoe Gallina  http://www.zoegallina.com/

Dan and Emily

North Yarmouth, ME, United States
Dan and I love being outside with family and friends and we really wanted our wedding to reflect this. Our wedding planner, Meagan Gilpatrick of Maine Seasons Events, did a wonderful job weaving the ‘rustic chic’ feel into our wedding day. Our photographer, Sharyn Peavey, captured the day so beautifully and naturally! I wore this short JLM dress at the reception – it was perfect for dancing! It was an amazing day with so many loved ones. I wish we could do it all over again!

Emily partied in Jim Hjelm Occasions bridesmaids dress style 5960 in Ivory Lace and Ivory Matte Taffeta for her reception, Purchased from Allegria Bridal , in Belmont, MA

Sharyn Peavey  http://www.sharynpeavey.com/

Ricky and Elizabeth

Troy, MI, United States
Ricky and I had a traditional Serbian Orthodox wedding ceremony with 650 guests. From our purple wedding cake to the Serbian band at our reception, everything was exactly how we pictured.

Elizabeth wore Lazaro bridal gown style 3766 and her bridesmaids wore Jim Hjelm Occasions bridesmaids dresses style 5823 , in Fawn, Tranquil and Black satin-faced taffeta.

Vera Crosby  http://www.photographybyvera.com/

Mauro and Pily

Coral Gables, FL, United States

Pily wore Lazaro bridal gown style 3955, Purchased from Chic Parisien , in Coral Gables, FL

EFEUNODOS  http://www.efeunodos.com

Ken and Katie

Chicago, IL, United States
For those of you who know me, this will not come as a surprise. Since most of my family and best friends are out of town, the first time I tried on a wedding dress I was by myself. I had 2 months before September 24th…when those closest to me were coming in from out of town to help me find THE DRESS! I wanted to select the dress while they were in town but did not want to feel pressured to make a decision without having researched my options! So in preparation, I built a 15 page PowerPoint of all the contenders categorized by store and style. I even had a must try on for fun category. We thought we had narrowed it down to the final two and it was time to try on the fun dress. I was not expecting a “this is the dress” moment. But to my surprise, that is exactly how I felt in this dress. I had a huge smile on my face in the dressing room. I knew this was the one. When I walked into the salon, everyone came immediately over to me to admire the dress. I fell in love with the contemporary style of Lazaro, the intricately beaded top and flowy lightweight bottom that made it easy to wear. A dress is truly special when people not only admire how phenomenal the dress is, but the dress does not distract or overpower the bride herself. It was such an amazing dress that even during photos when it got all muddy, by the time we got to the church, it had dried and all the mud fell off!!
The dress was too gorgeous to just put in a box for the next 30 years, so as hard as it was to take scissors to it, I had it altered for events such as charity events, NYE and our first anniversary! Thank you to Beata Holub for turning my dream wedding dress into something I not only will cherish forever but can wear as well. Thank you also to my Aunt Ann, who not only made this dress a reality, but who appreciated my PowerPoint and agenda, and helped create our own Say Yes to the Dress moment to cherish forever. I love you!

Katie wore Lazaro bridal gown style 3063, Purchased from The Bridal Salon at Macy’s State Street, in Chicago, Illinois

Riverbend Studio  http://www.riverbendphotostudio.com/

Beata Holub  http://www.beatatailoring.com/index-5v1.html

Jonathan and Jennifer

Jackson, WY, United States
We were planning a mountain wedding in Jackson Hole Wyoming and I knew I wanted a dress that would fit in with the natural beauty of the area. My consultant brought in several dresses, when I saw the Jim Hjelm I had a feeling the search was over, it was exactly what I pictured. It was perfect! We were married atop Snow King, a small local mountain. Our guests departed the ceremony via alpine slide and we had a cruiser bike parade to dinner and dancing at 43 North. It was a magical evening!

Jennifer wore Jim Hjelm bridal gown style 8801 .

Leslee Mitchell  http://lesleemitchell.com/blog/
Forty Three North  http://www.forty3north.com/
Grizzly Country Wildlife Adventures  http://grizzlycountrywildlifeadventures.com/

Ricardo Antonio and Maria Alexandra

Cartagena, Colombia
We tied the knot in Cartagena, an enchanting city in the Caribbean coast of Colombia, our home country. Cartagena was the perfect setting for a traditional Latin American wedding, the ceremony took place at Iglesia Santo Domingo, the oldest church in the city, followed by a formal reception for 150 guests in a beautiful colonial house. I wore a Flamenco inspired bridal gown by Lazaro, and complemented it with a long sleeve lace bolero and 2 feather hair flowers. Our photos are simply beautiful and it is a day we will remember forever.

Maria Alexandra wore Lazaro bridal gown style 3050 , Purchased from Cristina’s Bridal, in Andover, MA

Rodolfo Arpia  http://rudyarpia.net/
Caribe Cordial  http://www.caribecordial.com/

Hunter and Ashley

Richmond , VA, United States
My dress was the very first one I tried on. It was love at first sight! I tried other dresses on but nothing compared to the way I felt in that one. If the store would have let me I would have walked out wearing it. They were wonderful. They let me sleep on it and the next day when I got off work they were about to close and I knew I had to have that dress. They stayed open late so I could try it on again and flaunt it off to my mom and soon to be mother-in-law.

Ashley wore Alvina Valenta bridal gown style 9658 , with her added touches. Purchased from Jingles Bridal Richmond,VA.

Eagle Eye Photography  http://rutseneaglephotography.com/
Buz and Neds  http://buzandneds.com/
Coleman Brothers  http://www.colemanflowers.com/
Envy Salon  http://www.rvaenvysalon.com/index.php

Trey and Stephanie

Richmond, VA, United States
Trey and I were married in a beautiful church located just steps from our home in Richmond, Va. Every time I’d pass by the church I always dreamed of being married there.
On a sunny day in late September, two of my dreams came true.

Stephanie wore Jim Hjelm Blush wedding gown style 1000 , purchased from Jingles Bridal , in Richmond,VA

Amanda Meyer;http://ameyerphotography.squarespace.com/

Ryan and Jessica

Medford, NJ, United States

Ryan and I met in high school and knew we would get married some day. Our wedding was perfect, from the dress to the church to the incredible reception in Philadelphia. What made it even more memorable was the weather. We had our first snow storm of the season, October 29th, 2011. It was truly the best day of my life, despite the freezing rain, hail and snow. I want other brides to hear my story and see these pictures and know they should never let anything stress them out on their wedding day, especially the weather.

Jessica wore Jim Hjelm bridal gown style 8057 , with her added touches. Purchased from Bridal Garden , in Marlton, NJ

Laura Perry  http://www.lauraleighphoto.com/
Dave Kibelstis  http://www.centerstagevid.com/Index.html
Thriv Salon and Spa  http://www.thrivesalon.com/

Chris and Kat

Santa Barbara, CA, United States
We decided to get married in Santa Barbara, CA because both of our families have history there. When searching for the venue our first stop was The Four Seasons (The Biltmore) & we instantly knew it was the perfect place for our big day! With the help of LVL Weddings & Events, the day went perfectly! And seriously, everyone raved about my amazing dress – most people had never seen anything like it and it truly made me feel like a million dollars!!! The whole day was the best day of our lives!!

Kat wore Jim Hjelm bridal gown style 8962 , purchased from Mon Amie , in Costa Mesa, CA

Zoom Theory Photography  http://www.zoomtheory.com

Taylor and Lacey

nashville, TN, United States
I knew exactly what type of dress that I wanted to go along with the feel of our venue. Lace. Classy. Simple. Breathtaking.
People say that you will just know when you put on your wedding dress that it’s the right one. I seriously doubted that. It is absolutely true.My Alvina Valenta dress made me feel more beautiful than I ever expected to feel and for that I am truly grateful. I will never look back on my dress and regret it because I know that on that day I felt wonderful. Who can regret that?

Lacey wore Alvina Valenta bridal gown style 9102 , purchased from Arzelles Nashville, Tn.

Kristyn Hogan  www.kristynhogan.com
Historic Cedarwood  www.cedarwoodweddings.com
Full Frame Digital Cinema  www.fullframecine.com

John and Willa

St.Louis, MO, United States
Our Wedding was a dream. To feel unique and stand out, not just because I was wearing white but wearing a classic. Walking down the aisle I felt like Audrey Hepburn. Investing in Jim Hjelm I found myself wearing a little piece of heaven.

Willa wore a Jim Hjelm bridal gown

Megan Boyd  http://mdphotoonline.com
MD Studios Photography  http://mdphotoonline.com

Dan and Ashleigh

Winter Park, FL, United States
It was a gorgeous day. Perfect Florida winter weather greeted our guests and we danced under a harvest moon sky and stars that stretched for miles. Daniel and I poured our heart and soul into the wedding. We wanted our footstep on the earth to be as carbon neutral as possible. We made most of our favors and what was purchased was made by others with their hands and hearts. It was a magical evening, and we loved every minute of it.

Ashleigh wore Jim Hjelm Blush wedding gown style 1104 , purchased from The White Magnolia Bridal Collection , in Jacksonville, Florida

Melsisa T Photography  http://www.melissatphotography.com/

Marko and Anita

Vancouver, Canada
Our wedding day was beautiful. Although there were over 350 people, it still felt very intimate. The reception took place at the Croatian Cultural Center. Floor-to-ceiling draping graced the walls with elaborate orchid arrangements for centerpieces on elegant damask linens.Bridesmaids accompanied the bride in their slim fitting graphite dresses

Anita wore Lazaro bridal gown style 3804 , purchased from Bisou Bridal, in Vancouver, BC Canada

Rafael Ferarri  http://www.matchstudio.com/
AVinhouse  http://avinhouse.com/blog/

Joe and Deirdre

La Jolla, CA, CA, United States
Although Joe and I are both born and raised in NJ, we first met and currently live in La Jolla, CA. We were married at Mary Star of the Sea Catholic Church and held reception at the historic La Valencia Hotel. It was a day and dress I’ll never forget!I actually first saw this gorgeous gown online and a few other styles I loved all ended up being Jim Hjelm. I visited a local boutique that carried your label and had them order samples for me. I guess I knew exactly what I wanted and hoped for before visiting a store.

Deirdre wore Jim Hjelm bridal gown style 8011 , purchased from Here Comes The Bride , in San Diego, CA

We Heart Photography  http://weheartphotography.com/
Modern Bouquet  http://modern-bouquet.com/

Dave and Clare

West Yorkshire, United Kingdom
The best day ever! 3 bridesmaids all wearing black but all different styles. The groom wore a bespoke tweed suit made in Edinburgh. We used our own campervan as the brides transport to the wedding and for the honeymoon afterwards.
Clare wore Tara Keely bridal gown, purchased from Scarlett Poppy , in Pudsey Leeds, UK

Toast of Leeds  http://www.toastofleeds.co.uk/#/toast/

Michael and Marliese

Toronto, Canada
After a 5 year relationship, I married my best friend Michael on a beautiful sunny day in September surrounded by our closest family and friends. The bridesmaids offset my beautiful Jim Hjelm dress in deep purple gowns while the groomsman wore charcoal gray suits. I wore an ivory moire ribbon during the ceremony and changed it to the Platinum ribbon before the reception to match my fun personality,shoes and décor. The dress was everything I could have ever asked for and more! I truly felt like a princess on the day.
Marliese wore Jim Hjelm bridal gown style 8962 , purchased from L&J Bridal , in Brampton, Ontario, Canada

Mike Day  http://www.theartofweddings.com/home.php