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Jim Hjelm

Gregory and Kerry

Grosse Pointe Farms, MI, United States

My first time dress shopping turned out to be my last! I went with my sister to a one-day sample sale. Right away, I was drawn to one of the dresses on the rack. Even though I had looked at tons of pictures I had never seen one quite like it, and I fell in love with the circular patterns on the bodice. I also wanted to add a vintage touch to the modern design, and a vintage inspired sash made the perfect accent. My mom was shocked when I called her to tell her the search was over. She did not even know it had started! Finding the dress made planning the wedding so much easier. It cemented our vision of a modern-themed wedding with retro touches. Anytime I needed inspiration, I just thought about how my Jim Hjelm gown stole my heart that day!

Kerry wore Jim Hjelm bridal gown style 8962 , purchased from Maria’s Bridal Couture in West Bloomfield Township, Michigan.

Kate Lees  http://www.kblphotography.carbonmade.com
GlassAction!  http://www.etsy.com/shop/GlassAction

Eddie and Frances

East Bridgewater, MA, United States
Eddie & I met through mutual friends at a Patriots football game, we were instantly inseparable from that moment. After a year and half of dating we moved across the country to a new city together and soon after we were engaged. The day of the wedding the sun was shining and every detail went off without a hitch! My beautiful Jim Hjelm dress was everything I thought I wanted plus more!
Bridesmaids in JH5154 in Raspberry.

Frances wore Jim Hjelm bridal gown style 8156 , her bridesmaids wore Jim Hjelm Occasions bridesmaids dresses style 5154 in Raspberry silky taffeta, purchased from Allegria Bridal in Belmont, MA.

Katie Hall  http://katiehallphoto.com/
Blooms of Hope  http://bloomsofhopefloral.com/
The Villa  http://www.saphireeventgroup.com/venues/the-villa/

Andrew and Erin

Charlottesville, VA, United States
Growing up, I was not the girl who daydreamed about my perfect wedding but when the love of my life asked me to marry him after 7 years of dating, the ideas and the creativity started flowing! The key for me was creating a day that would be true to us as a couple. The vision for that day began to unfold after finding the PERFECT dress. My style and personality fits so well with Jim Hjelm’s designs, and JH8011 was the perfect centerpiece for the perfect wedding. It was a day I will never forget.

Erin wore Jim Hjelm bridal gown style 8011 , purchased from Destiny’s Bride in Scottsdale, AZ.

JMK Photos  http://www.jmk-photos.com/2012/07/erin-andrew-charlottesville-wedding.html

Tim and Virginia

San Gimignano, Italy
Tim and I knew we wanted a small and intimate wedding focused on that which was most important to us: family, friends and food! We knew Italy would be the perfect place to exchange our vows, surrounded by the rolling Tuscan hills, and a bounty of magnificent food and wine. We were married within the magical walled medieval town of San Gimignano in the heart of Tuscany, followed by a garden reception on the grounds of a 17th century Villa. I knew that my Jim Hjelm dress was the perfect one for me the instant I saw it. The vintage feel of my gown fit in perfectly with the historic surroundings. iIt was also incredibly comfortable which made it perfect for dancing!

Virginia wore Jim Hjelm bridal gown style 8663 ,purchased from Mariella Creations , in Rocky Hill, CT.

A Simple Photograph  http://simplephoto.ca/
Italy Weddings  http://www.italyweddings.com/

George and Krystal

San Jose del Cabo, Mexico
My husband and I were married at Cabo Azul Resort in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico on January 28th, 2012. We honestly had the best week of our lives there! 50 of our closest family and friends came down from all over the United States to celebrate with us. I absolutely LOVED my dress, especailly on the day of the wedding when everything else was done. At the end of the night, I didn’t want to take it off… It was definitely the perfect dress for me!

Krystal wore Jim Hjelm bridal gown style 8763 ,purchased from The Wedding Bell , in Okemos, Michigan.

Bradley Fraser  http://www.bradleyfraser.com/

Brendan and Jenna

Sonoma, CA, United States
Brendan and I were friends for many years, first meeting when we were kids at a company picnic. We stayed friends and sometime after college a friend’s birthday party brought us together in Lake Tahoe. We discovered our appreciation of wine and decided Sonoma would be a beautiful place to get married. Our wedding was filled with friends, family, love, and laughter. Francesca Pitera designed a perfect dress for a perfect day!

Jenna wore Jim Hjelm bridal gown style 8057 , her bridesmaids wore Jim Hjelm Occasions bridesmaids dresses style 5661 in Plum Satin Faced Taffeta and Jim Hjelm Occasions necklace’s, purchased from Bridal Galleria , in San Fransisco, California

Jere Visalli  http://www.visalli.com/
Vanda  http://vandafloral.com/

Ben and Emily

Great Diamond Island, ME, United States
The combination of weather with a season may often invigorate a highly simplistic atmosphere by mere fact that the marriage of these elements is unique. Our wedding was just such an event. How often do you experience a warm day at the beach in union with an exploding aura of fall foliage? Our guess is that days like this are one in a million, specially reserved for outdoor weddings like ours. Classic, nautical colors with a touch of autumn flair created a cohesive blend between the participants and the natural cathedral in which we were married.

Emily wore Jim Hjelm bridal gown style 8109 , personalized with an added strap. Purchased from Serendipity Bridal , in Austin, TX

Claire McCormack  http://www.clairemccormack.com

Kerry and Tiffany

Salt Lake City, UT, United States
Dress shopping started with a million wedding magazines looking for a dress to compliment my garden wedding. Then I saw it “the” Jim Hjelm dress it was absolutely perfect. I wanted to see if my Mom loved it too. I did not say a word about the dress, but left the magazine out for her to look through. She loved the same dress!!
After several trips to Destiny’s Bride in Scottsdale, Arizona, Kerry and I were married in a beautiful garden ceremony at Red Butte Gardens in Salt Lake City, Utah on June 25, 2011.

Tiffany wore Jim Hjelm bridal gown style 8002 , Purchased from Destiny’s Bride , in Scottsdale, AZ

Swensen Photography  http://swensenphotography.com/

Daniel and Lindsay

Richmond, TX, United States
The most important things to Daniel and me when we set out to plan our wedding were that the Ceremony was about the Lord and that the reception was a big celebration. Briscoe Manor is a good distance from where each of our parents live, but we fell in love with it anyway. We loved the rustic, yet beautiful look and that the chapel and the reception hall are both on site. Also, I had always dreamed of getting married in a chapel that was completely full. So, the venue was absolutely perfect for our wedding.
I really wanted there to be personal touches throughout the wedding so that it was a true representation of us.
We felt like having close friends and family involved in the ceremony would be a good place to start. My mom’s brother is a pastor, so it was extra special to have him marry us. Also, close friends did almost all of the ceremony music. Both Daniel and I wanted to honor our grandparents that have passed away. So, on my bouquet I had by grandmother’s broach and Daniel’s grandfather’s wedding ring tied to it. We also had to have a “BU” ice sculpture at the reception; after all it is where we met! Plus, Daniel worked for the Baylor football team and I was a cheerleader, so the loyalty runs deep.
My wonderful wedding planner suggested in passing the idea of having my bridesmaids hold umbrellas in some pictures, rather than bouquets. It’s something a little different… and kept off some of the heat from taking pictures outside in July!
I also did a lot of little DIY projects such as making signs, bags, and wreaths. It was really fun to see those touches the day of the wedding and knowing that I had made them!
Each detail of the wedding was so important to me. And yes, I did make myself (and everyone else around me) crazy. But, when I think about our wedding and look back at pictures, it was truly perfect for us. It was the wedding of both of our dreams, but we also felt so much love and support from all the family and friends that were there to show support and celebrate with us. We feel like we accomplished both of our goals: honoring the Lord and having a lot of fun!

Lindsay wore a Jim Hjelm bridal gown, Purchased from Weddings by Debbie, in Katy, TX

J. Cogliandro Photography  http://www.jc2photo.com/#/page/3c95/main/

Dodger and Clarissa

San Clemente, CA, United States
This was the second dress I tried on, and it was the last. The dress is beautiful and it matched perfectly with our Spanish style wedding. Most memorable day with the love of my life.

Clarissa wore Jim Hjelm bridal gown style 8011 , Purchased from Here Comes the Bride , in San Diego, CA

Joielala  http://www.joielala.com
Casa Romantica  http://casaromantica.org/index.html
The Vine’s Leaf  http://www.thevinesleaf.com/

Tony and Chandra

Laguna Beach, CA, United States
The best day ever!
Chandra wore Jim Hjelm bridal gown style 8057 with her added touches, Purchased from Mary Me Bridal , in Orange, CA

Christine Chang  http://www.christinechangphoto.com/

Lou and Jessica

Lodi, CA, United States
My husband and I met while attending high school in Manteca, California. We started dating in our junior year. Post high school, we decided go to different colleges within California. After two and half years, we decided not to be apart anymore and moved to Arizona to complete our degrees at Arizona State University. On 12/23/10, we were flying back to California for the holiday season. We landed in San Francisco were his parents were picking us up. His father wanted to take us to a local spot called Twin Peaks. Even though I was tired and wanting to drive back to our home town, I decided to go along with the plan. This is where my surprise proposal happened. Fast forward 10 months later, we were married at the beautiful venue Oak Farms Vineyard. It was an unforgettable day full of love and happiness.

Jessica wore Jim Hjelm bridal gown style 8108 , Purchased from Mon Amie , in Costa Mesa, CA

Jennifer Eileen  http://www.jennifereileen.com/
Oak Farms Vineyard  http://www.oakfarmvineyards.com/

Michael and Becky

Nashville, TN, United States
My husband and I were best friends in college before we eventually began dating. We spent 3 years dating long-distance between Nashville, TN and Frederick, MD. Our January wedding was classic, romantic, rustic, and intimate. My all-lace Jim Hjelm gown made me feel like an absolute princess as I walked down the isle to the Princess Bride theme song.

Becky wore Jim Hjelm bridal gown style 8011

Mary Rosenbaum  http://www.maryrosenbaum.com/
Amy Lynn Larwig  http://amylynnlarwig.com/
First Dance Pictures  http://firstdancepictures.com/

Scott and Emi

Tampa, FL, United States
I was so heartbroken to find out that Priscilla Of Boston was closing and I decided to cancel my wedding dress order with them. Discouraged but hopeful, I went shopping again and found the REAL dress of my dreams, a Jim Hjelm! Thank you for making a wedding dress that brightened up my day, year, and wedding!

Emi wore Jim Hjelm bridal gown style 8151 , Purchased from Kleinfeld Bridal , in New York, NY

Moss & Isaac  http://www.mossandisaac.com/
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NYC Wedding Music by 101 Management  http://nycweddingmusic.net/

Chad and Ashley

Wilmington, NC, United States
Despite the cake toppling over, rain, cops showing up to issue noise ordinance violations, and other various incidents…the wedding could not have been more ideal. My only regret is that the reception could not have lasted all night! The anticipation for our honeymoon to Greece made light of the hiccups we had on the wedding day…which was, of course, amazing!

Ashley wore Jim Hjelm bridal gown style 8859 , Purchased from Victorian Rose , in Raleigh, NC

KMI Photography  http://www.kmiphotography.com
Fiore Florist  http://www.fioreflorist.com

Mario and Elethea

Huntington, NY, United States
Mario and I were married on a beautiful sunny afternoon in August 2011 at Oheka Castle in New York. This historic mansion squarely fit our traditional-themed wedding. I sought an elegant dress with lace and satin to provide the framework for our special occasion. My sister and I fell in love with my Jim Hjelm gown from the moment I tried it on. I could not have found a more perfect dress to compliment our celebration of marriage.

Elethea wore Jim Hjelm bridal gown style 8952 , Purchased from Kleinfeld Bridal , in New York, NY

Marie Labbancz  http://www.artoflove.com
Oheka Castle  http://www.ohekacastle.com
Betty’s Total Events  http://www.bettystotalevents.com

Jacob and Caroline

Austin, TX, United States
We chose to get married at Barr Mansion in Austin, TX. This one-of-a-kind venue fit our vintage garden theme. I chose to use black and ivory with red accents to develop a classy vintage feel. I had envisioned having a vintage, elegant, and sophisticated look for my dress. I knew I wanted an A-line, lace gown from the beginning. I immediately fell in love with my stunning Jim Hjelm dress. I used a brooch I found at an antique store to place in the center of my bow on my sash to add a vintage touch.

Caroline wore Jim Hjelm bridal gown style 8958 , Purchased from Serendipity Bridal , in Austin, TX

Forever Photography  http://www.foreverphotographystudio.com/blog/
Barr Mansion  http://www.barrmansion.com/
Miranda McGuire  http://www.miranda-mcguire.com/

Matthew and Michelle

Lindenhurst, NY, United States
I moved from Ohio to the big apple in 2002, so in planning our NY wedding I wanted to make sure my parents felt included. When they came to visit I knew our first stop had to be Kleinfeld Bridal. The first time I put my dress on I knew it was the one! (Did I mention it was the second dress I tried on?)
Matt and I had a picture perfect day with friends and family at Chateau La Mer. My Jim Hjelm dress was the perfect choice!

Michelle wore Jim Hjelm bridal gown, Purchased from Kleinfeld Bridal , in New York, NY

TJ from Duet Photography  http://www.duetwedding.com/

The Little Flower Shop  http://www.thelittleflowershopoflindenhurst.com

Ryan and Tanya

Vancouver, Canada
It was the first dress I saw in Isabelle’s Bridal and I knew immediately it would be perfect for our garden wedding. The ruffles were delicate and whimsical, and made me feel like a princess.
We were married in the Fall in Vancouver and planned our honeymoon in Italy. We wanted to make our honeymoon extra special with a photoshoot around the eternal city. In our wedding attire we visited the Vatican City, Castel Sant’Angelo, Spanish Steps, and Colosseum for an intimate photoshoot. It was definitely an once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Tanya wore Jim Hjelm bridal gown style 8012 , with her added touches. Purchased from Isabelle’s Bridal , in North Vancouver, BC

Rochelle Cheever  http://rochellecheever.com/

Jonathan and Jennifer

Jackson, WY, United States
We were planning a mountain wedding in Jackson Hole Wyoming and I knew I wanted a dress that would fit in with the natural beauty of the area. My consultant brought in several dresses, when I saw the Jim Hjelm I had a feeling the search was over, it was exactly what I pictured. It was perfect! We were married atop Snow King, a small local mountain. Our guests departed the ceremony via alpine slide and we had a cruiser bike parade to dinner and dancing at 43 North. It was a magical evening!

Jennifer wore Jim Hjelm bridal gown style 8801 .

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Grizzly Country Wildlife Adventures  http://grizzlycountrywildlifeadventures.com/

Ryan and Jessica

Medford, NJ, United States

Ryan and I met in high school and knew we would get married some day. Our wedding was perfect, from the dress to the church to the incredible reception in Philadelphia. What made it even more memorable was the weather. We had our first snow storm of the season, October 29th, 2011. It was truly the best day of my life, despite the freezing rain, hail and snow. I want other brides to hear my story and see these pictures and know they should never let anything stress them out on their wedding day, especially the weather.

Jessica wore Jim Hjelm bridal gown style 8057 , with her added touches. Purchased from Bridal Garden , in Marlton, NJ

Laura Perry  http://www.lauraleighphoto.com/
Dave Kibelstis  http://www.centerstagevid.com/Index.html
Thriv Salon and Spa  http://www.thrivesalon.com/

Chris and Kat

Santa Barbara, CA, United States
We decided to get married in Santa Barbara, CA because both of our families have history there. When searching for the venue our first stop was The Four Seasons (The Biltmore) & we instantly knew it was the perfect place for our big day! With the help of LVL Weddings & Events, the day went perfectly! And seriously, everyone raved about my amazing dress – most people had never seen anything like it and it truly made me feel like a million dollars!!! The whole day was the best day of our lives!!

Kat wore Jim Hjelm bridal gown style 8962 , purchased from Mon Amie , in Costa Mesa, CA

Zoom Theory Photography  http://www.zoomtheory.com

John and Willa

St.Louis, MO, United States
Our Wedding was a dream. To feel unique and stand out, not just because I was wearing white but wearing a classic. Walking down the aisle I felt like Audrey Hepburn. Investing in Jim Hjelm I found myself wearing a little piece of heaven.

Willa wore a Jim Hjelm bridal gown

Megan Boyd  http://mdphotoonline.com
MD Studios Photography  http://mdphotoonline.com

Joe and Deirdre

La Jolla, CA, CA, United States
Although Joe and I are both born and raised in NJ, we first met and currently live in La Jolla, CA. We were married at Mary Star of the Sea Catholic Church and held reception at the historic La Valencia Hotel. It was a day and dress I’ll never forget!I actually first saw this gorgeous gown online and a few other styles I loved all ended up being Jim Hjelm. I visited a local boutique that carried your label and had them order samples for me. I guess I knew exactly what I wanted and hoped for before visiting a store.

Deirdre wore Jim Hjelm bridal gown style 8011 , purchased from Here Comes The Bride , in San Diego, CA

We Heart Photography  http://weheartphotography.com/
Modern Bouquet  http://modern-bouquet.com/