07 January

Fit & Fab on Your Wedding Day ~ Abs

Happy New Year! Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day (and honeymoon), and there's no better time than now to get into shape! JLM Couture has teamed up with fitness guru Katie Dixon of Kadi Fit in Charlotte, NC to help you look fabulous in your gown. A recent bride herself, she'll be sharing her tricks of the trade on how to tone up, clear your skin, and overall just feel great on your wedding day.  First up... Abs!

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Hi Everyone,

My name is Katie Dixon, owner of Kadi Fit, and I'm here to help you focus on your health and wellness as you look forward to your big day! There are hundreds of things I want to share with you about looking and feeling fabulous, but we’ll knock it out one post at a time - let’s start with a “Dress Inspired Workout” series. JLM Couture offers gorgeous styles that flaunt your figure, so I've created a series of workouts for the different silhouettes to accentuate each area.

Before I begin, let’s clear something up: One of the biggest myths in exercise is the ability to “spot reduce” areas of your body. No matter how hard you work the desired area, it's not going to get smaller by working it alone. Cardio, cardio, CARDIO is necessary to burn calories, and whittle away fat. These workouts will TONE the desired area. Once the fat melts away, you will have beautiful, lean muscle definition in those areas. If you're looking to shed pounds first, incorporate strength training to your cardio. It'll help you increase your metabolism since muscle burns more calories than fat.

Plank Blaster~ hold a plank (push-up position, arms extended) for 15 seconds, drop knees one at a time almost to touch the ground and back up (like you're running). Make sure to keep your hips down. Sprint for 30 seconds. {15 second recovery | Repeat 3 times}

Muffin Top Shrinker~ hold missionary plank, either on your hands or elbows, for 15 seconds (beginners: come down to the tops of your thighs).

Turn to the right, lifting your right hand toward the ceiling, putting all of your weight on the left arm. Your body should be perpendicular to the ground. Keep your hips high, working your oblique’s. Keep your left knee on the floor for support if needed. Hold as long as you can. Return back to center for 15 seconds and do the same to the left. {15 second recovery | Repeat 2 times}

Star Blaster~ Lay flat on your back, arms and legs spread open. Touch opposite hand to foot bringing your leg, arm, and shoulder off of the ground and back down. {15 - 20 reps, then switch sides | Repeat 3 times}

Now “rock it out” and show off those lean abs in one of these gorgeous gowns!

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More info on Katie and Kadi Fit is available on her website www.kadifit.com, or check out her blog.

Questions? Shoot us an email [email protected]

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