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Sarah and Adam


Adam and I got engaged in 2018 and began planning our 2020 wedding right away. I'd been waiting for this day my whole life, and couldn't wait to get started! I knew I wanted to be Hayley Paige bride and had a list of my favourite dresses ready to go for when I would hopefully get to try them on. Being in Canada, I knew I'd likely need to travel to get the chance. I was lucky enough to attend a Hayley Paige trunk show at Kleinfeld bridal in NYC in August 2019. It was a complete dream to be able to try on Hayley's gowns, knowing I might actually be able to wear one on my wedding day. The Max gown was on my list of favourites (my #1 fave, honestly) but, knowing she was likely above my budget, I had an asterisk beside her name. The fact that she was on the lobby mannequin when we walked in felt like a sign, and as I told my consultant, I wanted to just "put her on my body" juuuust to see what it was like to wear her for a minute. Of course, that was it. Game over. No going back. My parents agreed, there was no other dress for me. We made it work and Max arrived on my doorstep in July 2020...just about the same time as Adam and I were frantically trying to figure out what our wedding was going to look like in the middle of a global pandemic. Originally we had a guest list of 185 people, but with many guests outside of our province and so many restrictions in place, we made the decision to downsize to 35 of our closest friends and family. It was tough to navigate so many changes, but in the end it worked out perfectly. We felt so lucky to be able to still have a wedding and be married in front of our loved ones. We even set up a video to virtually stream our ceremony to family and friends who couldn't be there. I'm still in disbelief that I got to wear such a stunning gown on my wedding, it seems like a dream. I'm so grateful to Hayley for creating such beautiful pieces of art and bringing love and light to 2020, the world certainly needs it.

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