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Andrew and Kathryn

Green Lake, WI, United States

Nothing like a hot 94 degree summer day along a lake for a full-outdoor tent wedding!

We met boating out on one of the many lakes in Wisconsin, amongst a couple of hundred other boats, our two boats happen to decide to tie up together. After spending the entire day together, the rest was history.  We knew we wanted to keep the romance building. We saw eachother practically every day past then for the next two months hanging out together, sitting by bon fires, AJ playing me songs on his guitar. He was so excited to meet my son and start hanging out together, but for the first couple of months, poor AJ had to sneak over after my little guy went to bed. Eventually, after just a little bit of time, we truly started becoming the family we are today.

I think when I first made AJ dinner and put on a mix of Blue Grass and Frank Sinatra hits, he knew we were a true match. Two old souls that definitely met decades before.  We wanted our wedding to show our vintage and timeless side to us.

The major parts of our celebration included a Big Band featuring a vocalist who could pass as Dean Martin! This, mixed with Black Tie- like one of our favorite movies, "Meet Joe Black", and topped with the country romantic side of "The Notebook" with Vintage furniture I collected thru out the year, a rustic old carriage house for a back drop of our ceremony and touches of antique collectibles thru out. This was our fancy, down-home, antique, timeless wedding day. Oh how we wish we could relive it everyday!


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