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Victoria Miller and Arthu Miller

Salado, TX, United States

A Cinderella Story

Part 1 The Love Affair
As I was getting older, it seemed that I wouldn’t find the right guy. Here I am, a college grad with a Masters, great job and home and still alone. Would the right man ever enter to make my life complete? I thought and prayed often. God said He would give you the desires of your heart if you ask and believe, and that I did!  With the help of my sister-like cousin, I was introduced to a man who obviously was chosen just for me. This knight in shining armor came to rescue me. My Prince Charming, my happily ever after, my dream come true!

Part 2 The Name
Queen Victoria & Queen Elizabeth of England; two powerful and strong women born into royalty. My mother saw me and knew I would be just as great. I was royalty in her eyes, hence the birth name bestowed to me: Victoria Elizabeth. There would be no other option for a wedding but a Royal Cinderella Wedding!

Part 3 The Dress/Uniform
The search for the perfect wedding dress began. Upon entering Blush Bridal Lounge in Austin, Texas, I immediately found the the dress. It was perfect and totally gorgeous, classy and sexy in style with a side order of bling…absolutely astonishing in all accounts! Finding the dress was even a fairytale story: One store, one dress, one fit! The dress was accessorized with clear plastic slippers to represent glass slippers. It was the perfect touch!

Now for my knight. Yes, he too, had to play his part. No tuxedo would work for this royal wedding. He was a Knight, serving the lands of his country. A military uniform would only do, but not just a simple dress uniform, the ultimate top military dress uniform, worn with full awards and decorations.

Part 4 The Wedding
The wedding took place at Tenroc Ranch in Saledo, Texas. The Bride's court wore purple and canary yellow gowns and the Groom’s wore white tuxedos with purple and canary yellow vest and pocket squares. The Event Planner, Karla McNeill,  brought the whole dream to life as I visualized. The venue, decorations, ceremony, reception, the cake, horse-driven carriage, and the departure all depicted a classy royal fairytale story. How beautiful it was! Looking back at the pictures, I’m stilled amazed at how beautiful our wedding was. It was truly a fairytale wedding and my dreams really did come true.

Final Note-
Without a doubt, none of this would have been possible without my God, finding the perfect dress designed by Hayley Paige, the carriage from Fantasia Carriage, my awesome planner, Karla McNeill from Karla McNeill Events, but most of all, my adorable, knight in shining armor, man of my dreams, my Mr. everything, my love of my life, SFC (P) Arthur Miller. Thank you for your service but, most of all, thank you for your love and devotion to our family…yes, we are living Happily Ever After!  


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