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Gro Denise and Bjorn


Bjorn and I met ten years ago in a bar called Ola paloula in Oslo. I was on a double date and he was out with friends after a game of football. I am born and raised in Norway, so the only people I know that speaks castellano/spanish is my family, so when I heard this group of young men speaking the language I was so excited to finally put my language skills to the test that I left my date to join them. The most handsome man of them all, Bjorn, really caught my interest due to his proper grammar. And he really enjoyed how I spoke proper old castellano/spanish, in the style of generation grandparents.

That was the start of a ten-year dance between us. After some ups and down, we got together for the last and final time. And on May 2019 he bent the knee and asked me to marry him. I said yes!

We had a fairy tale wedding on June 2020 and now we are expecting our little bundle of joy.

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