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Skylar and Bradford

Estes Park, CO, United States

Brad and I met 6 years ago while we both worked at Target. Technically, he was my manager (Whoops...). We began dating about 5 years ago and we have been inseparable ever since.

Brad proposed during while the sun was setting on the beach in Nokomis, Florida in May of 2017. When we started planning our wedding and we realized just how big our families were. This wedding would be no small feat. After several months of planning, I happened to make the remark "Let's just run away and get married in the mountains". Brad and I both looked at each other for a moment and it just clicked, that is exactly what we wanted to do.

My dream photographer lived in Denver. We had both wanted to visit Colorado for some time, too. Well, this turned out to be the perfect time. I contacted the photographer and told her of our plans to elope. She helped me pick the perfect spot in a field with a view of snow-capped Rockies in the distance. We decided to tell just our parents and a handful of friends. We picked a perfect Wednesday evening in June and the rest is history.

My Pinterest dream became a reality!

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