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Chris and Katie

Dearborn , MI, United States

December 3rd was the fairy tale I have always dreamed of . This love story starts back in high school exactly nine years ago. I knew from the moment I met Chris that he was special and I was going to have to do something great to win over his heart. Valentine's Day was quickly approaching and I wanted to do something different, something that showed him how much I truly cared about him. At this time I was stumped for ideas. We both didn't even go to the same high school. How was I going to pull off a surprise without him knowing? Thankfully I had a great group of girlfriends that helped me think of a unique idea. We were going to sneak into his high school the day before Valentine's Day and completely transform his locker.
To his surprise the next day Chris walked into school with his locker reading HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY CHRIS GREGG. He opened his locker to balloons, streamers and his favorite cologne. This really got the school talking. Who is this girl that mysteriously came into our school and did this for Chris? But it worked!! It wasn't long after that day that Chris and I officially started dating. From that day forward he took over the romantic gestures…
Fast forward to almost eight years later: Chris and I were spending my 24th birthday together in California. Little did I know that this time it was him that had a surprise of his own. Half way through our trip we found ourselves in Napa Valley standing atop the most beautiful castle. This castle was placed on the most picturesque vineyard in the valley. While I was soaking in the views and thinking to myself how lucky am I to spend this moment with my bub it was here that he caught me by surprise and asked me to be his wife. It was the moment I had dreamed of ever since I was a little girl and I couldn't be happier.
Although we met so young in life I would never change a thing about our love story. Chris is the most wonderful human being I've ever met. I feel so lucky to be marrying not only my high school sweetheart but also my best friend. We share the same passions, values and love for life. There isn't a day that goes by where he doesn't go out of his way to make me smile. I truly believe that everything happens for a reason and I couldn't be happier to me married to my best friend in the world.
Our wedding day :
If you dream of a winter wedding, Katie and Chris’ is one to remember. Held at Lovett Hall in Dearborn, Michigan, Katie and Chris’ day embodied the perfect combination of sophistication and romance. As a nod to the wintry season, Katie and Chris chose a neutral color palette of white, ivory and gold with green accents. The gorgeous, natural centerpieces created by Passion Flower along with the custom paper goods by Take A Seat Events, which featured foliage details, were subtle, beautiful ways to incorporate greenery into the overall design. No detail was left untouched, including the fern-colored, velvet cake linen by La Tavola and mistletoe hung for their guests! Each aspect of the day told the love story of Katie and Chris.

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