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Cody and Laura

Banff, AL, Canada

Wedding colours: Gold, Blush, and Ivory
Feel we were going for: Romantic and light
Top 3 best moments:

1. The wedding rehearsal/mixer the night before. It was so fun to have everyone around from such far distances hanging out in the very place where Cody and I first met. We had met at the Aurora night club which has since been turned into high rollers so we had some friends and family gather for drinks, pizza, and bowling. It was super cool to see everyone we love mingling and letting lose.

2. Peaking into the room before everyone came in for the reception. There are no words to describe how it feels to see your vision come to life when you didn't have to lift a finger to set it all up. I made decisions and picked colours but I had no idea it would look so beautiful/bring me to tears.

3. I'm going to make a hybrid answer for #3. I loved having my 7 year old niece and 5 year old nephew lead everyone into the dance party with WHIP & NAY NAY. I also had the best time when we all tore down the room so that we could get in cabs and bar hop! To some this may seem tacky but Banff is where I met 2 of my bridesmaids (and Cody) so it was the coolest being able to hit all the old hot spots, in a wedding gown. With the finale at McDonalds. The venue later told me that they had never seen a room get torn down/cleaned up that fast!

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