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Lisa Phan and Cody Hall

Nashville, TN, United States

Cody and I have known of each other since I moved to White House Middle School from Nashville. I was in 6th grade and he was in 8th. We didn't talk at all until I was in high school...was a little mean to him my sophomore year...and we never talked again UNTIL I was a senior in high school (changed HS my junior year) & he was a sophomore at UTK! I had begged my parents to let me go on a spring break trip with my friends and they said no.. I was a rebel and went anyway...(not a rebel anymore!!!) Well, my high school had the same spring break as UTK and I saw him one night in PCB at Hooters with his fraternity brothers. I remember thinking how good (I mean HOT) he looked (I was a senior in hs, what do you expect?) I didn't even go up to talk to him because I would be embarrassed to be that one high school girl that goes up to fraternity guys. And that was not me.. I TALK TO EVERYONE (Im not shy at all).. haha..So I added Cody on Facebook that night and he didn't reply to me until the next morning but he had already left PCB...So whenever I got home from my spring break trip, I went straight to him!!!! ...And the rest is HISTORY! Here we are SIX years later!

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