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Leslie and Dan

Santa Barbara, CA, United States

We first met while working together in Santa Barbara. We didn't speak much the first few months that I (Leslie) worked there, but on Saint Patrick's Day several months after I started , Dan approached me at a bar in downtown Santa Barbara. We started talking, he bought me a shot of tequila (that's how every great love story starts, right?), and we ended up dancing and talking for the entire rest of the evening.

The next day, I told my roommate that Dan was the one I would marry...and the rest is history!

We are an outgoing, adventurous couple who love hiking, skiing, running, and biking. We're also extremely ambitious, and I feel incredibly lucky that I've found the perfect person who challenges me to be my best, encourages me to "disregard the impossible" (this is our motto!), and inspires me every single day.

We were married in Santa Barbara at a beautiful venue overlooking the entire city. About two hours before our wedding was set to begin, a freak storm passed over Santa Barbara - It was considered a 'microburst', which is a mini tornado (unheard of in sunny Santa Barbara!!). What could have been horrible, ended up being one of the best moments of the day - While the rain poured outside, we huddled inside with our wedding party and our closest family, starting the dance party at 2pm! It was truly incredible, and the clouds cleared an hour before the wedding!

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