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Daniel and Courtney

Crozet, VA, United States

Our wedding weekend started out exactly how all outdoor weddings shouldn't - rainy and gloomy. It was the week before Hurricane Matthew hit so the storm coming through the area was unpredictable and the forecast was changing by the minute. Once we realized that following the weather channel was a lost cause, we decided to make the best of whatever was going to happen because we were getting married and no weather was going to stop that. Our venue is nestled in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains but the morning of our wedding the mountains were barely visible due to the storm that had come through the night before (which made for an interesting but fun rehearsal). Luckily I had an amazing group of girls in my wedding party who helped keep me distracted throughout the day and made me forget about what was going on outside. So much so, I didn't even notice right away when the clouds started to rise and the mountains started to become visible again. The timing could not have been better. My processional song was "Here Comes the Sun" by the Beatles and I didn't realize how fitting and appropriate it was going to be when I chose it. By the time I walked down the aisle, the clouds had almost completely lifted and the backdrop for our ceremony was gorgeous with just a few lingering clouds draped over the mountains. Looking back at the pictures now I still can't believe how picturesque the day turned out to be.

I can't even begin to explain how much the Behati gown I wore influenced and inspired so many of the details and aspects of our wedding. The detail in the skirt reminded me of leaves which tied perfectly into the greenery we used throughout the ceremony and reception. The beautiful art deco back inspired the design of the wedding cake along with the decoration on the desserts. And the dress could not have looked better in the romantic woodland setting of our venue. My jewelry and headband were custom made by Haute Bride using beads from the back of another Behati gown which made them one of a kind, extra special to me and amazing. They complemented the dress so well. Thank you Hayley Paige for creating the most beautiful dress I could have ever dreamed of. Despite all of the uncertainty of the weather that day, knowing I was going to wear that dress in front of the man I was going to marry was all I needed to have the perfect day.

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