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David and Mel


Dave and I have been together forever! We are both 28 and have spent the last 12 years growing up and shaping the life we always dreamed about together. I work as a dentist and Dave is a pharmacist. Dave loves sports and I love yoga, but we spend the majority of our energy on work. We have both only been out of school for a couple of years and spent the majority of our time together studying before that. Well, I was studying and Dave was distracting me. We went to The University of Kansas (KU) together and most of our wedding party included friends from KU. Dave is a big jokester and I love to laugh. I can be a bit high-strung, especially when I am hosting an event. We decided to have our wedding in Mexico so we could take all of the pressure away and actually enjoy our wedding. Dave does not like big crowds, which is another reason we chose Mexico. We make a trip to the Cancun area every year around winter time. We love the beach and wanted to share our love of vacationing with all our family and friends. We also love the people we meet from Cancun. We have been to other tropical locations but have always enjoyed Mexico the most. You can find a beautiful beach anywhere, but it is the people that truly make the difference to me and I wouldn't trust my wedding to anyone else.

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