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Mallory and Grady

Oklahoma City, OK, United States

Grady and I officially met in February of 2014 after months of chatting long distance. We both went to school at Oklahoma State University, and although we had many mutual friends, we did not meet until later in life. I was living and teaching in Colorado Springs, and Grady was back in Norman, Oklahoma working on his real estate license. Grady mistakenly wrote “Happy Birthday” to me on Facebook, thinking I was someone else, and we struck up a conversation that led to a first date. I feel so incredibly lucky that we met, because it almost didn’t happen! It’s funny to think that my life changed with one Facebook post. We decided that we wanted to do a couple of things differently for our wedding that would work for us and reflect who we are as a couple. We decided on having a private ceremony with just family and close friends, and that truly honored how much we value our relationships with our loved ones. Walking down the aisle felt like such a dream. Hearing the beautiful music and seeing everyone I love was very emotional and surreal. I will never forget looking out at everyone at the ceremony and being so overwhelmed with gratitude. That was probably my favorite moment of the day, and I wish I could go back and relive that moment. While we knew we wanted a private ceremony, we also knew we wanted a fun dance party with everyone afterwards. Grady is known for being the life of the party, so our reception really reflected his personality. We had a live band that kept everyone on the dance floor all night. I don’t think we took one dancing break! Spinning in my Hayley Paige dress all night was so much fun. My planner and florist made the modern space feel romantic and magical. I am very sentimental and love small, but meaningful details. There was even a cake designed after my Hayley Paige wedding dress! We both love dancing, good food, drinks, and treats, and our reception had it all! We hired vendors that we trusted, and they did an amazing job. They truly made it the wedding of our dreams, and I wouldn’t change one thing about it. Looking back now, I still feel so grateful for such a beautiful and memorable day.

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