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James and Megan

Pittsburgh, PA, United States

We met in 2003 at Marshall University on campus, and have been together as a team since then. 

For our engagement, we were going to Punta Cana that weekend with our best friends to celebrate turning 30. James came home late from work that Friday night (because he had drove to WV to meet my Dad and ask his permission). When he came home, he met me in the hallway and looked extremely nervous and said "I can't wait til tomorrow, will you marry me?" Then, he said "Oh crap! I was supposed to get down on my knee let me do it again!" 

He originally wanted to propose in Punta Cana but was anxious brining the ring to the airport. It was perfect, we sipped champagne alone at home and then celebrated for a week with our friends.

For our wedding inspiration, we love being outdoors so we knew we wanted our ceremony outside. We came across this new venue in Pittsburgh and loved the restored barn. We really just wanted a day of great food, live music and all of our family & friends in one space. James' dad played guitar in the band that partied with us all night long!

As for wedding advice for future brides, I would say that who you hire for your team is everything. I didn't realize how much work it would be and balancing work, life & planning a wedding can be overwhelming. Once I hired my wedding planner & coordinator it all seemed to fall into place.

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