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Abigail and Jared

St. Augustine, FL, United States

Most people are shocked at how long Jared and I have actually known each other. We go all the way back to junior high where we met through our parents, as they were hosting a bible study for some of the adults in the neighborhood we had lived in. We would play almost every day after school with all of our close friends. The only thing was, I had the biggest crush on Jared. So, I thought it would be ok to ask him out in a note, of course, and to my surprise, I was denied! So time went on, and Jared would always ask me to go places with him, go out in the boat etc.. And to his surprise, I always said no. I guess you can say I held a grudge, or was playing hard to get. Fast forward to June 2014, and for some reason Jared reached out to me. It was his 21st birthday and he was renting a houseboat with all of his closest friends, and invited me. And for whatever unknown reason, I agreed. Everyone always uses the cliche by saying, "the rest is history," but honestly, that's how it was for Jared and I. We were inseparable after that day and I couldn't be more in love with someone.
I always thought I was going to know exactly when Jared would propose, but I was completely wrong and shocked. The story is quite funny actually. Jared always told me that good things come to those who wait, and that I would have to work for it! The plan was to go to Costa Rica in March for a close friend's wedding, but the wedding unexpectedly had to be pushed up to January. The second half of this trip was planned for just the two of us and Jared was in a panic, because he knew all along what he had planned for us. He did not even get the ring until a day before us leaving the country! Costa Rica was one of the best trips we have taken together and the proposal was a dream. We actually trespassed government lines and hiked an inactive volcano that was one of the hardest hikes I've ever done. Of course, on this day it was raining and overcast, so you could not see the landscapes of Costa Rica but that didn't stop my adventurous significant other to ask me to spend the rest of my life with him at the top of Chato Volcano.
Jared and I are known to be the always traveling couple, whether it is in the states or out of the country. We knew we wanted to be married as soon as possible and if that meant eloping, that was ok. I am the only daughter, so when I told my parents that we might possibly be eloping I could see the look of disappointment on their faces. My parents are the best parents out there, Jared's are too, and seeing that look on their faces broke me. My mom has been battling blood cancer for the past two and half years and I owed this wedding to her. For her to even be a part of it is a miracle. Jared's father had a major heart attack a year and a half ago that required major surgery and it was a miracle for him to be a part of our day as well. There were always two things I ever really cared about when I thought about weddings when I was little: the dress, of course, and the venue. If I didn't have food, dessert, DJ, games, photographer and whatever else I could have imagined, that was ok. The only thing that would matter is that I have two loving families all together in one place. And it is only by the grace of God that's what exactly happened for Jared and I. But, we did of course have all the other wedding things. lol.
I hope you enjoy our little unique love story!

Love, Jared & Abigail Taman

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