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Lauren and Jason

Cincinnati, OH, United States

As fate would have it (or was it Dr. McLean all along?), the bride and groom were seated next to each other in Developmental Psychology in Fall 2009. Sparks flew and Jason spent the semester leaving anonymous love notes on Lauren's desk. Lauren had no idea whom the notes had come from, but they definitely gave her something to look forward to each day in class. She has kept each of these notes to this day.

Eventually, Jason worked up the courage to ask Lauren out. . . but not really on a date. He needed some help making a toga for an Alpha Delta Gamma fraternity party. Being a Latin School grad, Lauren happily obliged - and those four years of Latin convention really paid off!

While Jason was not able to convince Lauren to actually attend the Toga party with him, it was clear to him that night, while she was wrapping him in black silk and golden rope in the dance studio closet, that he had to get to know her better. He invited her to hang out with his friends and fraternity brothers and eventually took her on a real date (to see How to Train Your Dragon) - never pushing her but always present. Lauren dragged her feet for quite a while but, eventually, she succumbed to Jason's charms and the couple officially started dating on October 20th, 2009.

Since 2009, Lauren and Jason have collectively acquired four college degrees, moved to three different states, taken two Caribbean cruises, and loved and lost one pet. After eight years of dating, Jason finally wrote the most important note of them all: "Will you marry me? Check yes or no." When he passed this note to Lauren, she started to tear up and stammered, "I don't have a pen!" The couple's long-awaited engagement began on April 14th, 2017.

After eight long years together, Lauren and Jason finally tied the knot in May of 2018 at Manor House in Mason, Ohio. While their courtship was lengthy, finding the perfect man did not seem to take nearly as long as finding the perfect dress! In her hunt for a dress that would flatter her body and make her feel confident, comfortable, and that would stand the test of time, Lauren tried on 75 dresses by countless designers in three different states. As soon as Lauren put on her first Hayley Paige dress, she knew that this was the designer for her. Hayley's whimsical designs and figure flattering dress shapes oozed romance and drama and made Lauren feel like a Greek Goddess. And what better to complement a Hayley Paige wedding gown than Hayley Paige Occasions bridesmaids dresses?!

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