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Nina and Jason

Hamilton, NJ, United States

Fate has a strange, yet amazing way of working. When two people need one another, the world has an incredible way of bringing them together, and that is exactly what happened for Nina and Jason. Nina had just suffered the loss of her mother in 2007 from her battle with cancer, and Jason had just lost his father earlier that year. They both felt a sentiment of loss in their lives and were navigating life without her mother and his father.

In October of 2008, these two young teenagers ran into each other in the least likely of places. Jason saw Nina at the campground where he spent most of his childhood. Nina happened to be visiting this same exact weekend and Jason knew he wanted to talk to her. In typical teenage fashion, they didn't exchange many words but just cell phone numbers, and agreed to meet back up with one another at the campground.

They truly met for the first time on the very bridge where eight years later Jason asked Nina to be with him forever. If anyone knows these two, they know that they are definitely meant to be. Fate brought them together in their time of need, but their deep love and understanding of one another keeps them going each day.

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