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Tiffanie and Jeremy


After almost two years of being engaged, my now husband and I got married on a hot Texas day in October. Seriously, it was 90 degrees that day! We promised our souls to one another at a beautiful venue in Richmond, TX called Briscoe Manor. When you think of Texas Country Elegance they are what you think of. Lush gorgeous grounds with a lake, vineyard, barn, courtyard, chapel, long porch with rocking chairs, a windmill, and of course Longhorns. Absolutely stunning! After almost two years of sweat, blood and tears put into this wedding (and a whole lot of money from my fiancé and I) just about anything that could go wrong did except for two things - my gorgeous Hayley Paige dress and getting to profess my love and adoration to my husband in front of our family and friends. Despite nothing going the way I had planned it was still a magical day because I felt gorgeous and loved. That is what truly matters on that day anyways, right? Bluebelle from Blush by Hayley Paige could not have been the more perfect dress. I bought it two months after we got engaged, so I had my dress before I had anything else for the wedding planned. It was by happy accident I stumbled across it, even though I wasn't ready to look at gowns. I guess it was just meant to be :) The elegance of the lace felt very country chic and looked amazing with both heels and cowboy boots. The lace had such a unique design, it almost resembled cobwebs in a way which fit perfectly in October. What I loved most about the gown is that the lace overlay could come off and suddenly it looked as though you changed gowns. I had two dresses in one...well I could say three because the lace overlay ended up being the perfect wedding night lingerie. It may not have been the wedding I always dreamed of since I was a little girl, but it was a day I look back on and smile despite everything, a day I cherish, a day I felt more beautiful than I ever have in my entire life. A day my husband looked at me with such love in his eyes I cried. THAT is what makes everything else less important. Thank you for what you do, Hayley, you make women feel amazing and beautiful.

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