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John and Jillian

White Castle, LA, United States

John Mark and I met while we were both chemical engineer interns at the chemical plant I'm currently working for.  

John Mark proposed while we were on a cruise to Mexico. Even though his proposal didn't go as planned, it was still a night I will never forget! After dinner on the formal dinner night, while I had on a Great Gatsby style dress and he had on a matching cream suit, he asked me to go up to the top deck of the boat to look at the stars. My feet were hurting, so I asked him if we could stop and rest a while on a bench before we climbed the stairs to the top deck. He asked me a few times to go upstairs and I kept telling him to hold on. He then uncharacteristically got upset and said "never mind, I'm going back to the room!" After I sat there on that bench a few minutes trying to figure out what happened, I decided to head back to the room and see what was wrong. When I opened the door to the cabin, he was on one knee with the most beautiful ring I had ever seen! I immediately busted out into tears, realizing that I had ruined his perfectly planned proposal! He wanted to propose to me up on the top deck under the stars, because he knew how much I loved stars. I then realized I hadn't told him yes yet, and told him I would love to spend the rest of my life with him! 

A few months into our relationship, we visited Nottoway Plantation in White Castle, LA for a weekend. The minute we arrived, I fell in complete love with this beautiful, big, white antebellum house and said that when I got married, this would be the place! We then visited the plantation several more times during our relationship and it quickly became one of our favorite places. After John Mark proposed, we knew that there wasn't anywhere else we wanted to get married at. I have always loved the 1920's and anything Art Deco, so I decided I wanted that to be the theme of our wedding, but to have beautiful colors in the theme instead of the traditional black and gold you often see. The plantation was transformed with the most beautiful shades of purple and pink flowers and Art Deco details! It truly felt like we were back in the 1920's! We ended the night with a fireworks show and drove off in a 1920's Packard car! There isn't one thing I would change about the wedding and I'm so blessed that I got to wear my favorite designer on the most important day of my life! The minute I got engaged, I knew I wanted a Lazaro gown. It was one of the hardest decisions of my life trying to decide which beautiful gown to choose from! I would have bought 5 of them if I could have! Every detail of the gown was perfect, and I can't wait to display the gown in my closet as an artwork piece one day when we build our house! 

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