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Stacy and Kevin

Pleasanton, CA, United States

It was a typical Thursday night in February at UC Davis in 2010. Stacy and Kevin were both juniors in college and attending an exchange between Kevin's fraternity, Sigma Phi Epsilon, and Stacy's sorority, Alpha Chi Omega. Stacy had just returned from her time abroad in England and had become friends with a new girl in her sorority named Brittany. During the exchange, Brittany introduced Stacy and Kevin to each other and they started talking.

A few weeks later, Alpha Chi Omega was about to have their winter cocktail and Stacy was in need of a date. Brittany reminded her of the cute boy she had met at the exchange and offered to ask Kevin to go with her to the cocktail. Stacy agreed. During the dance, Kevin had to leave to help a friend in need. Stacy lost hope and thought he was just like all the other college boys. However, at the end of the night, Kevin returned. Stacy was in charge and had to clean-up. After everyone had left the venue, Kevin helped clean-up and even mopped all the floors. It was at that moment that Stacy knew that Kevin was special.

Days later, Kevin took Stacy to frozen yogurt at Yoloberry to apologize for leaving the dance. However, when he drove up to Stacy's house on E 8th Street in Davis, his car broke down. He knocked on the door with oily hands after having his head in his car motor. Stacy ended up driving them to yogurt and they talked the night away.

Their friendship continued to grow. They would text every day and became close friends. They both went home for the summer and continued to stay in touch.

Stacy and Kevin both returned to Davis in September of 2011 to start their senior year. The first day Stacy was back she started unpacking her apartment and of course, was texting her friend Kevin. He offered to help her hang up pictures and move furniture. However, both of them knew that Kevin was not coming to just "help move furniture." This was the start of something special.

It wasn't long until Kevin finally asked Stacy on their first official date. They went to Davis Sushi Buffet. They continued going on dates and being together constantly. Finally on October 4, 2011, Stacy and Kevin decided to officially become boyfriend and girlfriend and haven't separated since.

In the past 6 years, Stacy and Kevin have graduated from UC Davis, moved in together, have adopted two adorable kittens, Solo and Valentine, celebrated Stacy as she received her Multiple Subject Teaching Credential and Master's in Teaching, celebrated Kevin obtaining his Master's in Business Administration, and been there for each other as they both had surgery. On top of all this, they purchased a beautiful 3 bedroom townhouse.

On July 3, 2017, Kevin brought Stacy back to Old Sacramento and they sat looking at the water and reminisced over their amazing times together. On their way home, Kevin took a turn off the freeway and drove up outside of where his old fraternity was, the place where they first met, so many years ago at the Thursday night exchange. He got out of the car and asked Stacy for "help." When she found him, he was on one knee and asked her to marry him. At first, Stacy thought he was joking and was in utter shock. But, once she realized it was real, she screamed "YES!"

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