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Celeste and Lindon

Cabo San Lucas, MI, United States

Lindon and I have been together for eight years before getting married. We live in Michigan and I always imagined my wedding here, especially somewhere up north like Traverse City. My husband never wanted a big wedding and always expressed interest in a destination wedding. However, I had no desire for a destination wedding. I've attended destination weddings before and they never felt intimate or romantic. Dinner would be at a restaurant with other guests from the resort, ceremony would be in front of a public pool, etc. I could not picture myself getting married anywhere but in Michigan. My husband is such a good man and once I finally agreed to a destination wedding he let me plan it exactly how I imagined a destination wedding would be. After researching Cabo and the weddings there I instantly fell in love. Our wedding was beyond beautiful and more than I could have ever imagined! We had 25 guest attend, and it was perfect. I am so happy to share my wedding photos with you to hopefully inspire more brides to have the wedding of not only the brides dream but also the grooms!

I am sharing some pictures with you including my try on and of course the wedding. Feel free to share and if you don't it's no worries!


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