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Paisley and Mason

Noblesville , IN, United States

Our story begins as a strong friendship between two childhood friends. We went to preschool together, road the same school bus to kindergarten, and spent years growing up together as close friends. In high school, two best friends unexpectedly fell in love. We have always been somewhat opposites, but I like to call it “balanced." Paisley’s an extrovert and I’m reserved. I’m calculated, Paisley is spontaneous. That dynamic is what has always nurtured our relationship, the balance and support we provide each other.

In between Paisley attending Ole Miss for three years and my sporadic military orders, we were inseparable. We learned that no distance or time apart could interfere with our love for each other. From miles to continents away, we learned more each day that we belong together.

I decided in the Fall of 2017 that I was ready to ask Paisley to spend the rest of her life with me. On Christmas Eve 2017 in front of the captive audience of some of my very best friends, Paisley’s siblings, I asked her to marry me.

We are blessed to be surrounded by two supportive families that have provided infinite love and sacrifice to us. We are eagerly looking forward to our wedding to spend the most joyful day of our lives yet with all of those that we love and hold dear to our hearts.

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