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Jacqueline and Matthew

El Paso, TX, United States

Matt and I are both officers in the U.S. Army. We planned our wedding in a six month engagement when we found out Matt would be deployed for our original year long engagement date. He was attending flight school to become an Apache Helicopter Pilot in Fort Rucker, AL. I was attending EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) school to become an EOD technician in Fort Lee, VA. And we were planning to get married in El Paso, TX. Planning a wedding with both of us attending very demanding Army schools, him in one state, I in another, and our wedding venue in a different one is enough to bring the bridezilla out of even the most graceful brides. To be honest, I do not know how we did it. It truly took a village. It was fun, and it was stressful. We had laughs, and we had tears. It was frustrating, yet so delightful. And it was all worth it for that day. To finally see what all of our hard work had accomplished and reflect back on the times when it seemed impossible. I believe it taught us our first lesson as a married couple. Perseverance. That although the conditions were not optimal we made a choice. A choice to get married. And it was remaking that choice every day and working as one unit that allowed us to achieve and surpass our goals. That is the foundation of our marriage. To choose each other. To choose to love each other more than the distance between us. To persevere through the excruciatingly long work days, our limited time together, the deployments, and everything that life may throw our way. Because through it all, each and every single day, we choose us.

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