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Lynh and Nicholas

Boston, MA, United States

We met on the white sands of Grand Anse Beach in Grenada. We had just finished our first set of exams and wanted to blow off some steam and catch some sun. All of our classmates were in the water. Lynh was working on her backstroke when she swam into Nicholas. From there, they were inseparable. He liked her because of her sense of adventure and spontaneity and that's when he started walking her to class every morning. She liked him because he was the first person to make her laugh so hard she was afraid she might wet her pants... and that's when she started letting him walk her to class every morning.

After Grenada, we moved to NYC where our relationship blossomed. We became experts at sniffing out the city's hottest eats and as many calories we were putting in, we just as quickly burned off. On top of work, we were taking cooking classes, practicing Krav Maga, and volunteering while fitting in some of our favorite shows - comedy, ballet, burlesque, and Broadway. We met each others' families and luckily each family loved the other.

We have since moved to the Midwest - to Cleveland, where we have enjoyed some great nano breweries and surprisingly some really great food as well. We did a lot of traveling in between. We were in San Francisco attending a wedding when our morning flight back to CLE was canceled. To make the most of the day, we trekked out to the Palace of Fine Arts. As we arrived, we noticed a beautiful wedding being held inside the rotunda with the gorgeous backdrop of the lagoon and harps and cellos playing in the background. We strolled around the lagoon, admired all the animals, and did some people-watching before making our return to the now empty rotunda. Lynh photographed the angels and marveled at the architecture. "Did you get all the photographs you wanted, sweetie?" "Yeah, but my battery..." She turned around and found Nicholas on bended knee with a sparkly ring in hand. "Will you continue making me the happiest man in the world?" "Yes!" The cellist had spotted us and started playing for us. It was just absolutely perfect.

Nicholas and Lynh come from different backgrounds, cultures, and parts of the country, but one of our favorite places is the library. The smell of bound paper, the reverent hush you would expect at church, and thousands of stories hidden in plain sight waiting to be discovered and rediscovered. In as little as a few minutes, white slips of paper and tiny yellow pencils would lead you on your journey … to see places you have never seen or will never see because they no longer exist, to go on an adventure with a young boy at Hogwarts, or to research your most recent obsession. The library seemed like the perfect place to get married ... and it just happens to house the world's greatest love stories.

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