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Jen and Preston

Ohatchee/Birmingham , AL, United States

We got engaged right before COVID hit. Everything I ever thought about the engagement season slowly started to dwindle down to nothing. We had our date set for June 5 and we didn’t want to push it back. But we had faith that it would be fine. After months of uncertainty, we just decided it was going to stay the same. It was a week before the wedding and I still didn’t have my wedding dress. Lazaro worked his tail off getting my dress done (THANK YOU!)
Then after I got my dress, the ban of 10 people was lifted two days before my wedding! We were the first couple to get married with a group of people at our lovely venue! We were so thankful. I had my two very best friends from Canada that were suppose to be in the bridal party not able to be there. They couldn’t make it because the border was shut. So we just had to make FaceTime work! After the first look with my girls, my dad, and Preston- it didn’t seem that bad anymore. Sure I didn’t get everything I dreamed of but that’s life. I may not have gotten the weekend trip with my girls or wedding showers galore! But I did get the most important thing. I still got to marry my best friend and have most of the people that are super important to me to be a part of the day. We are super blessed for what we did have. It was suppose to be a day of happiness, but we will just take a lifetime of happiness instead.

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