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Maria and Tom

Chicago, IL, United States

Tom and I got engaged on September 12, 2017 and married September 1, 2018. We both knew we always wanted that big Chicago family wedding. Most of our family and friends are from the city. We both love our city and knew we wanted Chicago to be part of our special day. Everything from our wedding shower to our reception was held in Chicago. Our love story is a little rare. Tom and I are high school sweethearts. . We dated through high school, college, and it was at the age of 30 he proposed. It was close to 15 years of dating. The love and friendship we have is unconditional. We never wanted to rush a wedding because it was the thing to do. We saved our money and never let anyone pressure us to 'just get married'. Tom and I were told all the time by others how they look up to us and we are #goals. Having our dream city wedding would be a great expense so we took our time. In the end it was everything we could dream of and more. When picking out a wedding dress I was clueless. I definitely wasn't a girl that had my wedding planned out for years. One thing I did know about my wedding was it was going to take place in Chicago. I went to a couple small boutiques in the city and came out discouraged. Tom actually showed me a dress designed by Lazaro that he liked and I looked up to see who carried his dresses and made an appointment at Bella Bianca. I asked my sales associate about Lazaro dresses and she was able to bring the exact dress Tom liked for me to try on. I knew I wasn't going to get that exact dress, even though it was beautiful, but I wanted him to be surprised and not know what my dress looked like. She then brought a few dresses for me to try on and when I tried on style 3800 for everyone we knew it was the one. Everyone was brought to tears and couldn't believe how beautiful and different this dress was. No one had seen a dress like this before. That is exactly what I wanted. I wanted to be different and not your typical bride. It had the glam effect for our city wedding. I quickly said yes to the dress, cried, and sipped on some champagne. Later on I found out more about Lazaro from our sales associate. I discovered he was a Chicago native and I knew instantly I made the right decision. He fit right in with my Chicago dream wedding. Never did I think my designer for my dress would be from Chicago. I now share my love for Lazaro's talent with every future bride. We are still on cloud nine!

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