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Randi and Tyler


COVID 19 threw a wrench in almost everyone in the worlds plans, which included our wedding. It was March 20th when I got the call from our wedding venue telling us there were cancelling all weddings for the 2020 season. I was so heartbroken, I honestly cried for hours. Although our year of planning was completely out the door, I knew July 11, 2020 was the day I was going to marry my best friend. I was changing my last name and declaring my love no matter what plans COVID had. April was a roller coaster. It went from planning our 200 person wedding at another venue, to changing our guest list to only 10 people and so forth. May came with the news that we would have to find yet again, ANOTHER venue. Between COVID, online school, being laid off from work, my fiance losing hours at work, I was a complete ball of stress. I didn't know what to do, and it was starting to take a toll on my mental health- I was exhausted. After a long day, I finally came across Farm Fresh Florals, which was located 50 minutes from our big city. I called the owner, Jen, immediately. I asked her if she would accommodate 100 burning candles, sparklers, 35 peoples, a cake, and our first dance. She answered yes to all my questions. I then asked "wait! Do you have July 11th available?" and she said "YES! I actually do!". And from that moment on, I knew this was meant to be our wedding venue. We had talks about having a reception later on when the world was calming down, but after we started planning our 4th wedding, we knew this was it. Our day was filled with so much love, as families hadn't seen each other in months. We were surrounded by those who care about us the most, and I couldn't ask for a more beautiful way to celebrate our love for each other. I found my best friend, and this is the start of our forever. One day we'll tell our kids, and our grandkids about how we got married in a world pandemic. If we can overcome the adversity of what we've already conquered, nothing can stop us.

Designer Lines



  • Photographer Jay Marie Studios
  • Wedding Venue Farm Fresh Florals
  • Flowers & Lighting Fleurs Flowers




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