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Andreas and Jacquie

Aurora, NY, United States
We were somewhat non-traditional with our wedding party in that we had male and female attendants standing on both sides, but we still wanted the girls all to wear the same style. Our colors were black and white, and we wanted the overall style of the wedding to be clean, elegant, and more timeless than trendy. Our Jim Hjelm attendants’ dresses fit perfectly into this vision!

Jacquie’s bridesmaids wore Jim Hjelm Occasions bridesmaids dresses style 5022 in Black Silky Taffeta, purchased from Serendipity Bridal , in Austin, TX

Luke Walker  http://www.clarkwalkerstudio.com
Aurora Inn  http://www.innsofaurora.com
In Bloom  http://www.in-bloom-weddings.com

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