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Erik and Ashley

Morristown, NJ, United States
Our goal was to throw an amazing, “funky garden party.” Throughout the planning, everything seemed to fall into place. My Jim Hjelm dress was everything I could have ever dreamed. The Conservatory was the perfect d├ęcor to carry out our theme. We chose to have a day event, which allowed the room to really shine, and thanks to the florist, it was bursting with color! The reception lasted until 5 p.m. at which point, we had transportation from the hotel into the town center, where we extended the party to a fun bar!

Ashley wore Jim Hjelm bridal gown style 8962, purchased from Kleinfeld Bridal in New York, New York.

Julia Newman  www.julianewman.com
Donna O’Brien, Beautiful Blooms  www.beautifulblooms.com
Meg Henderson  www.saloncaru.com

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