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Taylor and Lacey

nashville, TN, United States
I knew exactly what type of dress that I wanted to go along with the feel of our venue. Lace. Classy. Simple. Breathtaking.
People say that you will just know when you put on your wedding dress that it’s the right one. I seriously doubted that. It is absolutely true.My Alvina Valenta dress made me feel more beautiful than I ever expected to feel and for that I am truly grateful. I will never look back on my dress and regret it because I know that on that day I felt wonderful. Who can regret that?

Lacey wore Alvina Valenta bridal gown style 9102 , purchased from Arzelles Nashville, Tn.

Kristyn Hogan  www.kristynhogan.com
Historic Cedarwood  www.cedarwoodweddings.com
Full Frame Digital Cinema  www.fullframecine.com

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