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Tony and Vanessa

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
Tony and I are busy resident physicians so for our wedding we envisioned something relaxing, personalized and unique. We very infrequently get vacation time so the thought of a destination wedding with our close family and friends in attendance was a logical choice. We got married on April 26, 2011 on the beach on the grounds of the fabulous Cabo Surf Hotel. Our wedding day far exceeded our wildest hopes and dreams and was a truly memorable event that we will never forget!

Vanessa wore Jim Hjelm bridal gown style 8662 , purchased from Eva’s Bridal , in Oak Lawn, IL

Monica Hines  http://mohinesphotography.com/#/special/splash/mo-hines-photography/
Jenn Elliott Blake  http://www.bowtieandbustle.com/index2.php#/home/
Cabo Surf Hotel  http://www.cabosurfhotel.com/en

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