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14 March

Different Lace for Every Space!

Lace is the perfect go-to fabric when you want to stay more on the traditional side. It can be made with any silhouette and can be used to create a textured look without having to go too outside of the box. For a bride that wants to stay away from beading and crystal but still wants a lot of detail on her dress it is the perfect alternative. Today not only are there many bridal gowns with lace accents but now bridesmaids dresses have lace as well! You may often see lace being mixed with different fabrics and textured skirts to create a modern twist on the traditional style. Whether you have a small day time ceremony or a black tie reception with 500 people, it is a fabric that will always remain versatile. From cotton floral lace to Alencon and Chantilly, JLM is a great place to find the perfect lace gown for your big day!

From left to right: Lazaro 3212, Noir by Lazaro 3226, Hayley Paige 6206, Alvina Valenta 9215

From left to right: Jim Hjelm 8211, Noir by Lazaro 3227, Tara Keely 2056, Alvina Valenta 9244

Aisle Style By JLM Couture
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